Dansk for begyndere

Dansk for begyndere er et sjovt og seriøst online læringsprogram udviklet til udlandsdanske børn

Tina Andersen

Har du brug for hjælp til at oprette en bruger eller har generelle spørgsmål til Dansk for begyndere, så er du meget velkommen til at kontakte vores skolesekretær Tina Andersen.

Dansk for begyndere: lær dansk for første gang

Børn i udlandet kan nu lære dansk på begynderniveau - helt enkelt!

Dansk for begyndere er et sjovt og seriøst online læringsprogram udviklet til danske børn, der bor i udlandet og skal lære dansk for første gang.

Programmet er udviklet i tæt samarbejde mellem eksperter inden for sprogpædagogik og Danes Worldwides egne lærere med mange års erfaring og ekspertise i at undervise udlandsdanske børn i dansk.

Dansk for begyndere består af fire trin, og hvert trin har et defineret læringsmål. Programmet er både underholdende og intuitivt, så børnene lærer hurtigt at bruge det selv.

Du kan købe adgang til Dansk for begyndere her.

Dette lærer dit barn fx på Trin 1:

(ca. 48 timers undervisning)

  • At præsentere sig selv og andre i familien
  • Tallene 0-100, ugedagene, månederne og datoerne
  • Tidspunkter på en dag og klokken
  • Ord, der fortæller, hvad man laver i løbet af  en dag (fx sove, spise) og lidt om mad
  • Ord for værelser og møbler i en bolig
  • Lidt om fritidsaktiviteter

 Mere information om trin og læringsmål

About Danish for Beginners

Learn conversational Danish the easy way!  New learning program for Danish children living abroad

Danish for Beginners is a fun yet productive learning program. It is designed for Danish children living outside Denmark learning Danish for the first time.

The program was developed collaboratively by experts in the teaching of a second language and Danes Worldwide's inhouse teachers who have expertise and many years of experience in teaching Danish to children living outside Denmark.

Danish for Beginners is divided into 4 levels with each their learning objective. The program is intuitive and entertaining and the children quickly learn how to use the program.

Here's what your child will learn at Level 1:

(Appx. 48 hours of instruction)

  • Introductions of himself or herself and others in the family
  • The numbers 0-100, names of the days of the week and the months, and expressions for dates
  • Expressions for the time of day
  • Words describing day to day activities (e.g. eat, sleep) and food
  • Words for rooms and furniture in the home
  • Expressions for leisure time activities

 More information on levels and learning objectives

Said about Danish for beginners

"...in my opinion you have made a genious language program that Aviv actually can use all by himself - except from the pronounciation"
                                 Hanne Meyer-Brodnitz, Grandmother to Aviv, Israel




Here's why it's important to teach your children Danish

Language is a significant means of understanding one's roots and culture. If you want your child to maintain a life long interest in Denmark and maintain relationship with family, a shared language is key. Danish for beginners is a helpfull tool. It will never be easier to learn a new language than while your child is still young.


Danish for everyday use

Focusing on the Petersen family, the program is structured in levels around topics your child will recognize from his or her own life - school, leisure activities, shopping, meals, visiting family, etc. Each topic includes assignments in which your child through play practices the skills of reading, writing, listening to (understanding), and speaking Danish.


What you need

Your child need:

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • Support of an adult interested in helping him or her learn to speak Danish


The Petersen family members are recurring characters in Danish for Beginners.  They guide your child and help with the Danish words.

The family lives in a large and messy apartment in the Østerbro neighborhood in Copenhagen.  There's a large area behind the building for playing, barbecuing, bicycling, etc.  The Petersens have a cargo bike and a small car they use for weekend trips and vacations.  They often have friends and family over and are very active generally.  There are always kids to ferry around to leisure activities or play dates, cakes to bake, and gym bags and lunches to pack.

Mom: Ida Petersen, 35, nurse

Ida grew up i Jutland. She is extremely easy to get along with and has many friends.

She works in a hospital on day, night, and weekend shifts.

She loves music, film, museums and visits to cafés with her girl friends.


Dad: Thomas Petersen, 36, teacher

Thomas grew up in the Vesterbro neighborhood in Copenhagen. He is a bit distracted and forgetful.

He has been playing the guitar in a band since his youth and used to be good at skateboarding.

Thomas teaches math and music. He loves computers and gadgets.


Daughter: Emma, 8, Grade 2

Emma is very smart and loves going to school. She has many friends there; her very best friend is Camilla.

She plays the piano and sings in a choir.

At times, Emma is a bit critical of her brother William and corrects everything he says.


Son: William, 6, Grade 0

William loves to play games on his iPad, Nintendo, computer, etc.

He skateboards and loves everything to do with Star Wars. He's not always paying attention in school, and he often teases his sister.

William plays soccer in little league with his best friend Simon.


Dog: Max

Max is 3 years old. He is big, lazy, and friendly.



Dansk for begyndere er udviklet med støtte fra fonde. Tak til: ØK’s Almennyttige Fond, A.P. Møller og Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formål, Carsten Brebøls Almennyttige Fond og Jebsen & co.

Dansk for begyndere
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