At long last, some developments with respect to corona vaccinations for Danes living abroad

The Ministry of Health has announced that “Danish expats who are staying temporarily in Denmark are entitled to a free vaccination against covid-19 even though they do not have health insurance in Denmark”

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Latest update 17 May 2021 at 1:25 pm CET

After months of work to get expat Danes included in Denmark’s vaccination program, Danes Worldwide has achieved some success.

The Ministry of Health has announced that “Danish expats who are staying temporarily in Denmark are entitled to a free vaccination against covid-19 even though they do not have health insurance in Denmark”.

Those interested in a vaccination are to contact the local regional Danish health authority once those in their age band are being vaccinated.  The authority will provide a booking.

Find out more at the Ministry of Health website, item 14 in the FAQ (in Danish):  Hvem skal vaccineres – COVID-19 – Sundhedsstyrelsen. Danes Worldwide refers in addition to the information in item 15 regarding expat Danes.

As expat Danes, by definition, live in another country, their stay in Denmark will be temporary per item 14. It is important to note that the vaccination may not be the sole purpose for traveling to Denmark; in other words, expats must have another reason for entering Denmark.

Danes Worldwide Secretary General Anne Marie Dalgaard comments:

“We are pleased that this opportunity has become available to our fellow Danes living abroad, and we hereby express appreciation for the fact that the Danish government has participated in the work to provide assistance during the pandemic. Many of our members, fortunately, are able to obtain vaccinations where they live, but those who are not face a serious problem. They now have the opportunity to get vaccinated while they are staying temporarily in Denmark.


Here is a collection of frequent questions and answers about vaccination during a temporary stay in Denmark.

If you are covered by Denmark’s national health insurance, please check the details in  “Kan jeg blive vaccineret i Danmark?” dated 24 February 2021.

Who is entitled to a vaccination during a temporary stay in Denmark?

Anyone fulfilling these two requirements:

  1. The temporary stay must be a minimum of 30 days. 
  • The purpose of the visit must not be to obtain the vaccination.

Please note that vaccinations are offered only to defined groups or age bands. Children under 16 and pregnant and breastfeeding women are not given vaccinations.

How will I know when my defined group or age band is offered the vaccine?

Check the calendar at

It will tell you whether your group or age band is offered the vaccination at this time, and it provides a schedule for the vaccination of other groups. This schedule changes frequently.

Must I be a Danish citizen to receive the vaccination during the temporary stay?

No, that is not a requirement.

May my foreign spouse/child/friend receive the vaccination in Denmark?

Yes, provided that he or she fulfills the requirements for the length of the stay in Denmark and that the purpose of the stay is not solely the vaccination.

So what do I do?

To book an appointment for a vaccination, you must contact the local health authority where you are staying. The Ministry of Health recommends that you book your appointment when you have arrived in Denmark.

Do I need to stay in Denmark for 30 days before I can get vaccinated?

No, you may book an appointment prior to having been in Denmark for 30 days. The key is that your stay is expected to last longer than 30 days. Thus, you could book your appointment on the day of your arrival in Denmark.

How can I prove to the Danish authorities that I meet these requirements?

The length of your stay may be documented with flight or train tickets. If you arrive in Denmark by car without such documentation, you must sign a declaration.
Similarly, a declaration will suffice to document that your stay in Denmark is not for the sole purpose of getting the vaccination.

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