Danish for Beginners, ages 13+

To unge lærer basisdansk 13+ på computer

Danish for Beginners, ages 13+ is designed for teens and adults over the age of 12. The program consists of videos presenting conversations between young Danes in everyday situations.

Oral introduction to Beginner Danish 13+ (notice the video is Danish speaking)

How does it work?

The program contains four segments focusing on various topics selected for their suitability in teaching a new language. Students learn how to introduce themselves, ask for directions, and talk about their leisure activities, and they practice words associated with shopping, days of the week, and the time of day. The lessons consist of conversational videos showing young Danes in typical everyday situations; assignments are based on the videos.

Danish for Beginners, ages 13+ involves several different types of varied and interactive assignments designed to engage and motivate the students. Practicing is important, and some of the assignments are therefore “active” in the sense that they require students to get away from the computer. For instance, they practice by speaking with a family member who either already speaks or is learning Danish. Most assignments are corrected automatically by the program, however students are asked to submit post-segment assignments – for example, a brief written passage or a recorded conversation – to a teacher who then provides personalized feedback.

You can further read about the Technical Requirements and Recommendations here (in PDF).

Danish for Beginners, ages 13+ requires

  • a PC, Mac, or tablet with a microphone
  • a camera (e.g. in a mobile phone or in the computer device)
  • a paper notebook for notes
  • a person for conversations in Danish

What is the price of Danish for Beginners, ages 13+?

Single step (4 months)DKK 1,000DKK 1,575
All steps (12 months)DKK 3,000DKK 4,275

How do I register?

Registration and payment is made through our webshop. Non-members may sign up for membership in Danes Worldwide at the same time and qualify for discounts on all the educational products.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of a course, students may request a certificate.

Questions about Danish for Beginners?

Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact teacher, Lene Bønding Ditlevsen: