Basic Level Danish

Ligger i græsset og har danskundervisning online

Basic Danish (B1) includes 40 lessons, each requiring approximately 90-120 minutes to complete. Sign up for all 40 lessons or purchase segments of 10 lessons.

How is Basic Danish delivered?

The dates for the start of each 10-lesson segment are shown below. Every Monday, a new lesson is released to give you the opportunity to:

  • master basic grammar in Danish
  • read intermediate level texts providing an introduction to the society, culture, and history of Denmark
  • watch videos featuring authentic Danish conversation
  • improve your written Danish
  • practice your pronunciation
  • expand your vocabulary so as to express yourself with greater accuracy in speech and writing day to day

Students in Basic Danish (B1) may in addition submit a recorded or written assignment each week. The highly qualified instructors at Danes Worldwide will provide personalized feedback on each assignment.

Try it out – free demo of Basic Danish (B1)

When do I start the Basic Danish (B1) course?

The four segments of the Basic Danish (B1) course open as follows in the 2020/21 academic year:

  • Monday 7 September 2020
  • Monday 16 November 2020
  • Monday 1 February 2021
  • Monday 12 April 2021

Please note that no lessons are offered in July and August. If you start the course in April, you will continue in September.

How much is it?

Singe TermDKK 1,760N/A
Full Year, 1st studentDKK 5,880DKK 7,330
Full Year, siblingsDKK 5,500N/A

Please note that no refunds are provided in the case of a cancelation made after the start of the course. In the case of a cancelation prior to the start, a fee of DKK 500 per student is applied.

How do I sign up?

Sign up in our web shop by clicking on the button below.


You are invited to be in touch with our course manager Lene Bønding Ditlevsen if you have any questions at or (+45) 3529 4125.