Daily Life at Family Summer School

Børn leger på Sommerskolen

Morning at Family Summer School

During the morning at Family Summer School, children and adults are separately participating in either Danish classes or activities. The children are grouped in four levels according to their skill of Danish: Grade 0 (children around 6 years old), Beginner, Basic, and School Level.

The adults may choose between Danish for Adults and Activities for Danish speaking adults. If possible, the Danish classes are taught at two levels: Beginners (A1 and A2) and Intermediate levels (B1 and B2 – levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Depending on the number of attendees, we hope to offer classes at both levels. Activities for Danish speaking adults primarily consist of culture, nature, and movement activities.

Afternoon and early evening

During the afternoons at the Family Summer School, both children and adults participate across generations in activities. We consider it important that families have time to enjoy being together during activities such as:

  • Games – traditional and modern ones
  • Creative workshops (working with materials like wood, rocks, beads, clay, paint, etc.)
  • Building kites
  • Excursions into the forest
  • Baking and cooking
  • Camp fires
  • Movie night
  • Surprises – e.g. visits from guests
  • Orienteering


Evening activities at Family Summer School may involve all attendees or just the adults (once the children are in bed). These activities may include:

  • Indoor or outdoor games (e.g. Vikings, croquet)
  • Campfire events with singing, story telling, and cooking/baking
  • Sleeping under the stars

For just adults the activities may include:

  • Movies – Danish films with English subtitles, followed by discussion if desired
  • Experience sharing – how do you keep your Danish roots when living abroad?
  • Issue based meetings – e.g. discussion of legal rights for expat Danes

Questions about the life at Family Summer School?

Please contact our administrative coordinator who will assist you with any questions and doubts.

Summer School (Den Danske Sommerskole, “The Danish Summer School”) is a separate legal entity (an industrial foundation). Danes Worldwide provides administrative services to the foundation.