Family Summer School aged 6-9

Tre børn der leger på Sommerskolen

Family Summer School: A unique family experience

Family Summer School aged 6-9 takes place from 9-17 July 2022.

Family Summer School – is for children with Danish background aged 6-9 – along with up to two relatives such as parents, grandparents, or other close family members. It represents a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge of Denmark and the Danish language and to gain a network with other families living outside Denmark.

Family Summer School focuses on the culture of Denmark and language through Danish class, activities, and excursions. Your family will have a chance to have fun and relax together and at the same time get a cultural and linguistic boost that will strengthen your connection to Denmark. Your family will have an experience to energize body and soul.

How does it work?

Playful approach to Danish class and activities

Family Summer School is not a “summer camp” but a school where educated Danish teachers set academic goals for their class. Children are introduced to Danish teaching methods, where group work and collaboration are keywords. The daily program is structured so it quickly gives everyone a comfortable and pleasant routine.

It is key for us that the 20 Danish language lessons at Family Summer School is with a playful and fun approach. This forms a versatile and creative teaching. It’s supposed to be fun for everyone to learn Danish. Additionally, both children and adults get language tools that they can use after and in their everyday life.

What does the parents say about Family Summer School? 

Testimonials from Family Summer School (back then called Mini Summer School.)

Family Summer School language

The schools’ primary language is Danish. English is however used, to the extent, that it is necessary to make sure all families understand important information and security protocols. We do encourage all attendees to speak Danish though – also in their leisure time.
If your family does not speak Danish in their everyday life you may enroll in one of our online Danish courses – we have courses for kids, adolescent, and adults. Our online courses are flexible, so that they fit into a busy schedule. Read more about them here.

Unge sammen på en græsplæne

What is the price of Family Summer School?

Indicative Family Summer School 2022 fees.

The prices are including administration fee of DKK 750. You can read more about a Danes Worldwide membership here.

Per child8,500 DKK10,500 DKK
Per adult9,995 DKK11,995 DKK
Danish instruction fee for adults1,000 DKK1,000 DKK

How do we sign up?

Register and (if relevant) pay for your membership in our webshop.

Please note: Members of Danes Worldwide must log in with the membership number before signing up or making the payment for Family Summer School. Otherwise, difficulties will arise later in the process.

The registration fee is part of the fee for Family Summer School.

All participants are placed on the reservation list.

Installment payments for Family Summer School fee may only be made when the family has been offered a room at one of the Family Summer Schools.

The last date to make an installment payment is 15 March 2022.

Be aware that it is not longer possible to pay via bank transfer, which means that the payment has to be by using credit card.


Please, do not hesitate to contact our administrative coordinator if you have any questions.

Summer School (Den Danske Sommerskole, “The Danish Summer School”) is a separate legal entity (an industrial foundation). Danes Worldwide provides administrative services to the foundation.