The Summer School Denmark

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Learn Danish and Make Friends All Over the World

The Summer School – officially known as Den Danske Sommerskole – is a unique experience for Danish children and teens living outside Denmark. Summer School 2021 is scheduled for 7-23 July.

At the annual Summer School, we offer instruction in the Danish language and the culture of Denmark to Danish students aged 10-17 who live outside Denmark. Summer School is a unique opportunity to strengthen one’s knowledge of Denmark and the Danish language and to build networks with other expat Danish children. Summer School offers 75 lessons in the Danish language and the culture of Denmark.

Summer School takes place in Denmark. Since 1981, it has been a meeting point for young global Danes.

·       70% of students return in a subsequent year
·       Opportunity to take the Grade 9 Graduation Test (for those taking Grade 9 School Level at the online Danish course)
·       Members of Danes Worldwide save DKK 2,000
·       Activities, adventures, and a playful approach to learning
·       Global competencies are a key objective
·       Insights and knowledge for entry into the educational system in Denmark

About the Instruction

Summer School is not a summer camp but rather an educational opportunity. Professional teachers of Danish expect the students to work hard. Students gain insight into educational practices in Denmark that rely heavily on group projects and collaboration.

Students taking the online School Level Danish in Grade 9 may take the Grade 9 Graduation Exam (FP9) during Summer School.

In addition to classes in Danish and several excursions, many other activities are offered, e.g. sports, outdoor events, drama, and creative workshops.

What Class is Right for my Child?

Students are grouped into three levels – Beginners, Basic, and School Level. Those aged 14-15 may select the church confirmation track, and those aged 15-17 may select the Returning to Denmark track.

Find out more about the various levels here.

What is the Fee for Summer School 2021?

2021-pricesDKK 18,870DKK 20,870

Bus transportation to the Summer School location is an optional extra: One way is approximately DKK 300 per student, a return trip is approximately DKK 500. Note that this purchase cannot be refunded.

If the student is registered at the member rate, the membership must be valid for the duration of Summer School.

An English-language receipt for the Summer School fee may be purchased here.

The fee covers instruction, room and board, excursions, e.g. a comprehensive pass for the Tivoli Gardens.

How do I Sign Up?

Register and (if relevant) pay for your membership in our webshop.

Please note: Members of Danes Worldwide must log in with the membership number before making the payment for Summer School. Otherwise, difficulties will arise later in the process.

Seats at Summer School are first come, first served. Members are accommodated as a priority. Until 31 October 2020, participants can register without being charged a registration fee.

No later than 1 November 2020, a registration fee in the amount of DKK 1,500 must be paid for reserving a space in Summer School. This fee is part of the fee for Summer School. In the case of bank transfers please note that the student is accepted only when the payment has been received.

All students are placed on the reservation list.

Installment payments for the Summer School fee may be made only when the student has been accepted for 2021. The last date to make an installment payment is March 15 2021.

Spending money

You may make a payment to cover spending money for your child. We dispense the cash from our ”bank” during Summer School so that students do not carry large amounts.

The deadline for making the spending money payment is June 15 2021.


Cancellations should be made as soon as possible in order to free up space for other students. If you cancel after 31 January 2021, the fee will be refunded only if your space can be assigned to another student.

The reservation list fee of DKK 1500 for 2021 must be paid to validate the registration. This fee is not refunded if you cancel. If the student is not accepted right away, he or she is automatically placed on the reservation list.

Questions about the Summer School?

Go to our FAQs for Summer School.

If you have additional questions, you are invited to be in touch with Administrative Coordinator Tina Andersen at +45 3332 0913 or