Daily life at the Summer School

Danes Familie Sommerskole i Juelsminde.

Danish courses

At Summer School in Denmark, your child gets ca. 75 lessons of instruction in oral and written Danish and takes part in visits to local companies and excursions to tourist attractions in Jutland and on the islands of Funen and Zealand.

Summer School is not a camp or a vacation – it is a learning program. We expect the participants to take the instruction seriously and to participate actively. Participants learn how school is run in Denmark: Group work and collaboration are key, and we encourage discussion and debate.

Teachers and Program Managers

Our professional teachers have specialized in the subject(s) of Danish and/or Danish as a Second Language. They offer interesting and varied courses with a focus on each participant’s learning.

The Program Managers typically have a professional background in such areas as athletics, music, and design. They organize the leisure activities in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends. There are many choices: Sports, hiking, cooking, drama, a games cafe, or a creative workshop.

The adults are available around the clock. Each teacher and program manager has responsibility for a dormitory and looks after the participants in it (for example, in case someone gets homesick). At each of the three schools, a management team is in charge of day to day operations.

360-degree tour at the Summer School(in Danish)

Watch this and see how a day is at the Summer School

Leisure time

At Summer School Denmark, we encourage the participants to speak Danish during their leisure time as well as during class. In the afternoons, after the formal instruction, we organize a large number of leisure activities: Film, drama, music, and handball – and creative pursuits such as sewing, design, and cooking.

Tours and excursions

Each year, we organize a number of tours and excursions on Funen, Jutland and Zealand.

During the just short of three weeks at Summer School, two full-day excursions are usually arranged.

Questions about the Summer School?

Please contact us for any questions or doubts that you may have. Or read more here.