FAQ – Summer School and Corona Virus / COVID-19

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FAQ – Summer Schools and Corona Virus / COVID-19 will be updated continuously. Latest update 12.02.20.


Will the Summer School events for 2021 go ahead?

The Summer School Board of Directors has stated that ”Summer School and Summer School for Families will be canceled only as a result of a mandate from the authorities”.

In other words, we are assuming that the events will be held – not as usual, but in ways prescribed by the authorities at the time:

  • Summer School 2021 is held 7-23 July 2021
  • Summer School for Families ages 6-9 and ages 10-13 are held 10-18 July 2021

Of course, official regulations may change in the time between now and July 2021 as guidelines in Denmark are changed frequently.

It is our central goal to deliver Summer School 2021 in as safe a manner as possible.

Entry into Denmark now requires proof of a negative corona test taken within the last 24 hours.

All passengers arriving in Denmark must be tested in the airport and then self-quarantine for 10 days regardless whether the airport test was negative. The self-quarantine may be terminated when a negative PCR test is achieved on day 4 at the earliest.

As a result, we are not able to guarantee that an airport pickup will be possible (more under ”Practical measures” below).

Summer School participants must present proof of a negative corona test taken within the last 48 hours. So must our staff.

We strongly urge that you monitor developments and check the recommendations issued by the authorities:

Persons resident in countries outside of Denmark (coronasmitte.dk)

Where are corona tests available, and what is the fee?

Everyone in Denmark has access to a free test. There will be a fee for tests offered by private entities.

PCR test

A PCR test is required to terminate the 10-day self-quarantine 4 days after entering Denmark.

Permanent COVID-19 test centres

Free PCR tests provided by the government require a CPR number and a NEM-ID account. Book your appointment at Coronaprover.dk. Those without a CPR number and NEM-ID access may see a physician who will then be able to set up the necessary appointment. It is not possible for non-Danish citizens to obtain written documentation.

Mobile COVID-19 test centres

PCR tests are offered without the CPR number requirement at the mobile test centres. Wait times may be long, and the queue will be cut off to ensure that the center may finish the work day on time. It is not possible for non-Danish citizens to obtain written documentation.

Private providers

Several private providers offer PCR tests, for example Pentabase. Various prices depend on the turaround desired; for example, a two-hour turnaround is offered for DKK 1500 while next-day turnaround is DKK 390.

Quick test

Upon arrival at Summer School, participants must present written proof of a negative quick test or PCR test taken within the last 48 hours.

Quick tests are offered by several collaboration partners such as Falck and Carelink. The test is free for everyone and does not require a CPR number. The result (a negative result certificate) is communicated within the hour by text message or email. A positive result will trigger a phone call from the test center and instructions for getting a PCR test.

What if we can’t travel due to corona?

All Danish citizens may enter Denmark at any time. We are aware that your decision is a difficult one that is made even more difficult by the continued infection rates in Denmark and strict travel restrictions in many countries.

Therefore we stress that it is the responsibility of each participant to arrive at the Summer School location and that travel restrictions will not trigger a refund of the Summer School fee. That said, the situation may change quickly, and we recommend that you stay abreast of developments at www.coronasmitte.dk, the shared government website providing information on corona related matters.

Will we get a refund if Summer School is nevertheless canceled?

Our work to prepare the program for Summer School is fully under way, and we are incurring costs throughout the planning phase. Therefore, we will be unable to offer a full refund if Summer School must be canceled due to the corona situation.

You may cancel your registration until 31 January 2021, forfeiting only the administrative fee. Should it become necessary to cancel due to the virus, we refer to our terms and conditions (in Danish). 

You may prefer to delay your registration. Your risk is that Summer School may have filled up; capacity will be geared to the number of registrations received by 15 December 2020.

How will I know whether Summer School will go ahead?

We are working hard to make the Summer School events of 2021 a reality. Should we nevertheless be mandated by the authorities to cancel, we will of course be in touch with registrants as soon as possible via email. We will keep danes.dk up to date and answer the phone at (+45) 3332 0913.

What about students signed up to take the Grade 9 graduation exam?

When Summer School was canceled due to the corona virus in 2020, we received authorization from the Ministry of Education to use the grades earned throughout the year as exam grades. (This was done in all other Danish schools as well.) The oral exam was done via Zoom as opposed to being an in-person event, and that worked smoothly.

Should the situation persist until July 2021, we will follow the same procedure. Therefore, you are sure to receive your Grade 9 graduation certificate at the end of this school year.


We wish to offer the various events of Summer School only in safe and secure surroundings. That is a factor in our planning for hygiene measures, space for distancing, etc.


One of the most important measures in preventing corona infections is physical distancing during teaching and meals. There will not be a buffet; individual meals will be served to students. Distance requirements will be enforced in the food queue.

With how many others will students be interacting?

A huge part of the spirit of Summer School is the community. Naturally, living as one large community in 2021 will be a challenge. At other educational institutions, students are typically grouped into smaller clusters or ”family bubbles” doing everything together.

At Summer School, this means that participants will be sharing accommodations and activities with the same group, thus interacting primarily with others from the same bubble.

In order to safeguard the security, safety, and health of students and staff, we must therefore do without the larger community experience and focus instead on the experience of smaller communities. This year, Summer School will be a unique opportunity to deepen relationships with peers and adults. The family bubbles will each be assigned certain adults – teachers and activity coordinators – so as to provide greater comfort for each student.

For these reasons, we will perform the language screening in advance. During classes, students have their own seats, and teaching will be done outdoors to a much greater degree.

What if there are symptoms of illness?

We expect to check in with the students every morning. If there is the slightest sign of any kind of illness, we will isolate the student in question. Should we reasonably suspect that it’s a case of corona, we need the student’s relatives or contact persons to collect him or her as quickly as possible so as to limit further infection and so as to provide for quarantine until there have been no symptoms for 48 hours.


Are face masks required to be worn by teachers and students?

At the moment, face masks are required at educational institutions in Denmark, in public areas, on transit vehicles, and in restaurants/bars, stores, shopping centers, and hospitals. These rules may change by July 2021.

There will not be a requirement to wear a mask during meals, while being outside, or while being in one’s own room. Rooms are private spaces, and students are not permitted to enter other students’ rooms. As some challenges are associated with teaching and learning a language while wearing a mask, we are instituting the rule that everyone wear a mask when moving around the Summer School premises and then remove it when sitting in the classroom. Our teachers and staff will have the option of using a face shield.

Will students be tested during Summer School?

Should the infection still be rampant by Summer 2021, everyone will be required to present, upon arrival, proof of a negative corona test taken within 48 hours. In addition, we are assessing the options for having everyone tested four days after the start of Summer School. Should a student develop symptoms or have been close to someone who has tested positive, yet another corona test is required.

What about cleaning and hygiene?

For the last 10 years, we have used hand sanitizer at Summer School meals. That turned out to be a wise measure as we kept the incidence of gastric infections, colds, etc. to a minimum. That said, we will be especially vigilant with hand hygiene and cleaning in general.

Some of the surface cleaning in the dorm rooms and classrooms will be done by the participants themselves (e.g. their own chairs). The cleaning crew will take care of the rest, and an increased portion of the fee will go to that crew.

What about being met at the airport? What about the excursion to Tivoli Gardens?

We strongly encourage all participants at Summer School and Summer School for Families to arrange for their own transportation in order to minimize contact with others. Transportation from the airport will depend on the regulations in place at the time. We do not anticipate being able to provide transportation from and to the airport.

We encourage you to book flights that will enable the students to arrive several, preferably four, days ahead of the start of Summer School to rest up with family or friends and come to Summer School ready to learn.

We aim to minimize travel and transportation are not planning on making the customary trip to Copenhagen/Tivoli Gardens and to Legoland unless of course things change significantly. Our talented and creative staff will come up with alternative destinations closer to the venues, and we will make use of engaging guest lecturers at the school locations.

“FAQ – Summer School and Corona Virus / COVID-19” will be updated continuously. Did you not find the answers to your questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at (+45) 3332 0913.

Summer School (Den Danske Sommerskole, “The Danish Summer School”) is a separate legal entity (an industrial foundation). Danes Worldwide provides administrative services to the foundation.