Summer School: classes and levels

At Summer School in Denmark your child needs to choose among Danish for Beginners, Basic Level Danish, and School Level Danish. We test the children so as to assign them correctly. Alternatively, students aged 14-15 are able to follow our Confirmation class instead.

Danish Classes at three levels:

Danish for Beginners:

This level is for children who do not speak Danish but want to get started. They may speak English, French or Spanish at home and may have never lived in Denmark.

Basic Level Danish:

This level is for children who are able to use Danish in their daily lives, but who do not speak Danish at a level corresponding with their age. Basic Danish gives children plenty of academic challenges – particularly in oral Danish, but also in written Danish.

School Level Danish:

This level is for children who speak Danish corresponding to their age level and who have a certain degree of skills in written Danish. The coursework corresponds to the level in Danish primary and lower secondary schools.

Students who have taken Danes Worldwide’s School Level Danish program have the opportunity to take the official national test in Danish for 9th graders during the Summer School program.

Graduation certificate, Danish language, Grade 9 (FP9)

Denmark’s school system issues a Graduation Certificate to students who pass a Danish languge test when they have completed grade 9. The certificate is important for those who wish to study at universities or other edicational institutions in Denmark.

For many students, the test and the certificate enable further studies in Denmark. In order to take the exam, students must be enrolled in our Online Danish Course, called “School Level Danish”, in grade 9.

In addition, students must attend Summer School during the school year in which they are enrolled in the online program at the grade 9 level. At Summer School, the courses are geared toward the Graduation Certificate exam.

The Summer School exam takes place in July. Students in the national school system take the exam in May. Therefore, the Ministry of Education develops a separate test for Danes Worldwide. In addition, the Ministry appoints an examiner for the test.


Participants aged 14-15 may choose to attend the confirmation preparation and to be confirmed at Summer School.

The special instructional program includes a minimum of 75 lessons of confirmation preparation and visits to churches on the island of Funen, on the island of Zealand, and in Jutland. The participants attend church services so as to gain insight into the traditions and rituals of the state church.

Who can attend the confirmation preparation program?

Participants wishing to attend the special program must speak Danish at the School Level. Therefore, they take a special test just as every other participant does. In addition, the participants must have been baptized. It is possible to be baptized at the beginning of the program. 

Confirmation at the Summer School

Preparation and Confirmation

Two teachers lead the program in cooperation with the local minister, who is performing the confirmation ceremony. The ceremony takes place in a church near  the Summer School where participants aged 14-15 stay.

Participants in the special program are in a separate group. They meet other Summer School participants during meals, morning and evening meetings, and during the excursion to Copenhagen.

Questions about the Summer School?

Please contact Tina who will be ready to answer any questions about the Summer School.