Summer School: Frequently Asked Questions

Drenge på Sommerskole

Which instructional level is right for my child – Beginner, -Basic, or School Level?

When you sign your child up for Summer School in Denmark, we send you a test. Its results help us determine your child’s skills in Danish. On that basis and with the chosen level in mind, we carry out an interview during the first day of Summer School in order to assign your child to the most suitable class.

Is Danish language the only focus in the program?

Danish language, grammar, and literature are not the only topics we teach. We make sure to incorporate many other topics from Denmark’s public school system, and in class we discuss history, religion, civics, technology, and natural sciences. We work to give the participants an overall knowledge of Denmark and insights into the culture among children and teens. During the just short of three weeks of Summer School, we might visit a museum, a TV station, or an art exhibit – or we might take a walk in the woods to look more closely at nature.

What about choosing a room mate?

It is not possible to request a specific room mate. Such requests have overwhelmed us in the past. In order to give previous and new participants an equal chance to make new friends, it is our policy not to accommodate special requests without a compelling reason.

What if my child gets homesick?

So as to minimize homesickness, we recommend that children get some experience staying with friends overnight before they arrive at Summer School.

Is the food good?

Proper nutrition is important. At Summer School, teachers and students are together at mealtime, and we make it a priority to offer healthy and varied food choices. With healthy food, everyone has energy for the tasks and the learning of the day. We do take allergies and special needs into considerations, but cannot accommodate requests such as a vegan diet. 

Fruit and vegetables: We serve fruit and vegetables every day, selected from the season’s wide variety of fresh produce.

What about laundry?

Once during the just short of three-week period we arrange “laundry day” (at no charge to the participants). There are coin operated washing machines at the schools, and the teachers are pleased to assist with learning the mechanics.

What advice can you give with respect to packing for Summer School?

We recommend that your children bring day to day casual clothing, jackets suitable for rain and wind, and athletic shoes for indoor and outside use. If the weather cooperates, we go swimming at the beach; pack swimwear and a beach towel.

In addition, ensure your children have such school supplies as pencils, markers, a ruler, an eraser, and glue. We supply the books and other publications they need for the classroom. In addition, we supply a folder for the participants to use to keep their papers organized.

Is my child allowed to bring his or her laptop or tablet?

Your child may certainly bring his or her laptop, tablet, and/or game devices. He or she is responsible for locking such items up to prevent theft.

Is there a policy regarding tobacco and alcohol?

Consumption and possession of alcohol and other substances such as marijuana (cannabis) is strictly prohibited.  Smoking tobacco is prohibited at all three locations.

Summer School staff are in charge of enforcing these rules. Any violation may result in dismissal. In the case of a dismissal, the student’s family or contact person(s) will be informed prior to his or her departure. Expenses for travel are the responsibility of the student.

A dismissal will have repercussions in terms of future participation at Summer School.

What if my child must be sent home – for whatever reason?

It happens that Summer School participants get sent home – for reasons of illness, homesickness, or violation of the rules. As we cannot sell the seat to anyone else once Summer School has started, our expenses remain unchanged. Therefore, we cannot provide a refund of the fee.

My child has special needs – can he or she still attend?

To the best of our ability, we welcome participants with special needs. Please be in touch with Summer School Coordinator Jan L. Mikkelsen at or +45 3529 4128.

What about lost certificates?

We provide replacement certificates and charge an administration fee:

  • Course completion certificate (member): DKK 200
  • Course completion certificate (nonmember): DKK 400
  • Graduation Certificate (member): DKK 300
  • Graduation Certificate (nonmember): DKK 600

Are the course completion certificate available in English?

We translate completion certificates at the following rates:

  • Member fee DKK 200
  • Nonmember fee DKK 400

Questions about Summer School?

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about the Summer School in Denmark.

Summer School (Den Danske Sommerskole, “The Danish Summer School”) is a separate legal entity (an industrial foundation). Danes Worldwide provides administrative services to the foundation.