Danish Language Instruction at Summer School

Danish for Beginners

The Danish for Beginners level is designed for students who have limited knowledge of Danish or who want to learn the language from scratch.

Typically, such students do not speak Danish day to day but wish to be able to speak it with their family members.

Some students understand quite a bit of Danish but prefer to reply in another language or mix Danish and another language to express themselves.

Often, the students have never lived in Denmark, but their parents consider it important for them to retain a connection to the language and culture of Denmark.

The Danish for Beginners course emphasizes vocabulary and skills for handling common interactions in Danish.

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Basic Danish

The intermediate level Basic Danish course is designed for students who speak some Danish but not at a level appropriate for their age.

Typically, the family members speak another language while one parent may speak Danish with the student. The student may never have lived in Denmark or may have left Denmark at an early age, but the parents consider it important for him or her to be able to study in Denmark. The Basic Danish course helps students learn to speak and to some degree also to write.

The Basic Danish course emphasizes grammar skills – e.g. word order, irregular adjectives and verbs – and pronunciation and vocabulary.

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School Level Danish

The School Level Danish course is designed for students who are enrolled in ongoing Danish language programs emphasizing written Danish.

The students in this course speak Danish day to day. The course content is aimed at enabling them to settle in Denmark in the future and to attend Danish-language school, vocational, or university programs there.

The course teaches language but in addition covers topics such as the society and educational system of Denmark.

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