Global Danes in Seattle

This meeting is open to all Seattle-based Danes, their spouses, family members or others connected to Denmark.

The meeting provides a unique opportunity to get updates from a Danish lawyer on legislation, rules and issues that may affect Danes living abroad. Presented by Danes Worldwide legal advisor Lisbeth Kjersgaard, the topics on the agenda are the following:

  • What are the options for returning home to Denmark with a foreign spouse? (the rules for family reunification / familiesammenføring)
  • Retention of citizenship for Danish children born abroad (the 22-year-old rule)
  • Re-acquisition of Danish citizenship (generhvervelse af dansk statsborgerskab)
  • Danish national pension (folkepension og ATP)
  • Danish lessons for children, young people, and adults


17:30:      Arrival: Dinner, drinks, and Danish Christmas treats

18:20:      Welcome by the evening’s hosts

18:30:      Introduction to Danes Worldwide by Lisbeth Kjersgaard, legal advisor at Danes Worldwide

18:40:     Information and latest updates on the above subjects by Lisbeth Kjersgaard

19:30:      Break

19:40:      Open discussion and questions

20:30:     The event ends.

You can meet

Lisbeth Kjersgaard, legal advisor at Danes Worldwide