Beyond Borders: Lead your expat life with confidence

Thriving as an expat takes more than packing your bags and booking a flight. It’s about understanding yourself, the unique challenges and opportunities of living in a new culture. Unlock the secrets on how to thrive (not just succeed) and make the most of your expat life with this tailored webinar from Expat Advising.

In this webinar, Kia Holm Reimer and Neha Thakkar from Expat Advising will shed light on the many nuances of expat life. Join us as we explore the positive and challenging aspects, and provide insights on effectively managing the entire expat life cycle for your success. Strategic, practical, and emotional.

The webinar is based on data, 35+ years of experience, interviews, and Expat Advising´s work with governments, companies, academic institutions, and individuals. 

The webinar will be interactive with concrete and strategic takeaways for even experienced expats. Kia and Neha will tailor the content based on the profile of the attendees to give you the most value.


The workshop will provide participants with insights not commonly shared or provided by your HR or relocation companies to strategically approach the expat experience – whether you are solo or an expat with a partner/children, whether you are new to global assignments, or a veteran expat.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Have the necessary and critical reflections/conversations needed prior and during expatriation.
  • Strategically approach professional growth as a result of living abroad.
  • Embrace the personal growth that comes with the experience.
  • Take concrete action to benefit overall from the expat life

You can meet

Kia Holm Reimer: Expat entrepreneur (and spouse) for 10 years, Danish with lived experiences in UAE, France and Singapore
Neha Thakkar: Working professional expat for 20+ years, Singaporean with lived experiences in USA, France, Switzerland, UAE, Qatar, India, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu.