FAQ: Summer School

Which of the levels Danish for Beginners, Basic Danish, or School Level Danish is right for my child?

On the first day of Summer School, the teachers administer a language test to determine the most appropriate level for each student.

Is Danish the only subject taught at Summer School?

The Summer School program includes, in addition to lessons in Danish language and literature, instruction in the culture related subjects taught in the national school system.

Thus, history, religion, social studies, and natural sciences are part of the overall content.

That way, students gain insight into the society of Denmark and the cultural environment of Danish children and teens.

During the 17 days of Summer School, we have the students visit, say, a museum, a factory, a TV station, or an art exhibit. Sleeping under the stars in the woods is our way of helping students get to know the natural environment in Denmark.

What about food?

Students and staff take their meals together, and we make sure to provide a healthy and varied meal plan.

Meals may be tailored to the needs of students who avoid peanuts, nuts, gluten, lactose, pork, or meat in general. However, we are not able to accommodate requests for special food such as a vegan diet.

Is the student supposed to bring a laptop or tablet?

Students are required to bring a computer or iPad, and they are responsible for arranging to have the device stored under lock and key so that it is not left out in the dorm room.

We recommend that the device have a Danish keyboard with the letters Æ, Ø, and Å.

Is there a policy for tobacco and alcohol?

It is strictly forbidden to use or possess alcohol and substances such as marijuana. At all three venues, the use of tobacco products is banned.

Summer School staff enforce the rules. We stress that any violation of these rules may cause immediate dismissal. Any such dismissal wil be arranged with the student’s parents or contact persons. The cost of travel from the venue is the responsibility of the student.

Dismissal from Summer School will be a factor in a student’s opportunity to attend future Summer Schools.

What if a student leaves prematurely?

A student may depart prematurely due to illness, homesickness, or violation of the rules.

Once Summer School has started, refunds are not possible because we are unable to offer the space to anyone else and because our expenses for premises and staff do not decrease.

My child has special needs – may he or she still attend Summer School?

To the extent it is feasible, we welcome students with special needs.

Please reach out to Tina Andersen at tina@danes.dk or +45 3332 0913 to discuss the details.

Lost certificates

There is an administration fee for the issuance of a replacement certificate:

Certificate of attendanceDKK 200DKK 400
Certificate of examDKK 300DKK 600

Is the certificate available in English?

Yes, however we charge a fee:

Certificate in EnglishDKK 200DKK 400

The student speaks neither Danish nor English. Is that a hindrance?

We are unable to take on the responsibility for the safety of a student who cannot understand or communicate basic messages of emergency or symptoms of illness. Similarly, during excursions students must be able to understand traffic directions given to the group.

Additionally, it is our experience that students unable to speak Danish and/or English feel excluded from the community of other students.

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