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Welcome to the English version of our webpage

Welcome to the English language summary version of our webpage. Here, we outline the benefits offered to members of Danes Worldwide. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why join Danes Worldwide?
Danes Worldwide assists thousands of Danes living and working outside of Denmark. Members gain access to a network of other Danes who care about maintaining their roots, language, and culture. Our 130 representatives all over the world provide guidance regarding the local area to Danes Worldwide members. 

Advisory services
Guidance from our panel of experts. Get advice our specialized panel of experts which includes a legal advisor, an attorney, an accountant, an educational counselor, a security expert, and two consultants who assist organizations during the process of posting employees to other countries and during the process of managing the employees' return.

We work to improve the lives of expat Danes through our advocacy activities regarding dual citizenship, voting rights, and family unification.

Below is an overview of our various Danish language courses.

Danish courses for your child

Danes Worldwide offers online Danish courses for children and adolescents living abroad.

The courses are designed for children ages 6 to 18 and are divided into three levels: Beginner Danish, Basic Danish and School Danish. We can also open Learning Centers in cities with enough students to establish local classroom instructions.

Beginner Danish is offered for two age groups: ages 6 to 12 and ages 12 to 18. These two online learnings courses are fun yet serious and specially designed for children and adolescents learning Danish for the first time. Read more here.

Basic Danish is for childre who are able to use Danish in their daily lives, but who do not speak or write Danish at a level corresponding with their age. We are currently working on finalizing our teaching materials for this group so that courses can begin in autumn 2017.

School Danish offers Danish Courses from grades K to 9, with the opportunity to conclude studies by taking Denmark's official national test in Danish for 9th grade students.

Learning Centers are found in cities where it is possible to gather enough students for classroom instruction with a local Danish teacher. Learn more about Learning Centers and current locations here.

Read more about our Danish Courses here.

Our Summer Schools

The Summer School programs help your child build strong ties with Denmark

The Summer School program has existed for more than 30 years, offering courses in Danish language, culture and history. The program gives children strong Danish roots and a greater understanding of everyday life and culture in Denmark.


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