FAQ: Dual Citizenship pursuant to Denmark


What does it mean, that Denmark accepts dual citizenship?

It means, that Denmark recognizes, that a person can have one or multiple foreign citizenships, in addtition to the Danish citizenship.

If you already have Danish citizenship, you can apply for citizenship in a foreign country, if the country in question also recognizes dual citizenship, and you meet the requirements for naturalization.

Is it possible to reacquire a forfeited Danish citizenship and thus get a dual citizenship pursuant to Denmark?

Should you have forfeited your Danish citizenship by becoming a citizen of another country, reaqcuiring your Danish citizenship is unfortunately no longer an option. When the new rules allowing dual citizenship were put into power in 2015, a 5-year window was opened for reacquiring a previously held Danish citizenship. The window closed in August 2020.

Danes Worldwide is working towards having the option to reacquire a previously held citizenship reinstated.

Is there any way to become a Danish citizen again?

There is still a quite restricted way to reobtain a forfeited Danish citizenship. To make use of it you must have:

  • been a Danish citizen from birth,
  • lived in the Danish kingdom (Denmark, Faroe Isles and Greenland) until you turned 18, and
  • had Denmark as your place of residence for the past 2 years.

If you meet these requirements, you can file a claim with the Ministry of Foreigners and Integration in Denmark to reclaim your citizenship.

I am a Danish citizen who wishes to become a citizen in my country of residence. How do I go about it?

You should check the requirements pertaining to acquiring citizenship in your country of residence. The new rules in Denmark simply ensure, that you do not forfeit the Danish citizenship when you apply for citizenship in another country.

Does dual citizenship affect my right to vote in elections in Denmark?

Dual citizenship does not affect your voting rights in Denmark. However, keep in mind that you will lose your right to vote in elections in Denmark when you have lived for 2 years outside Denmark – regardless of your citizenship status.

I forfeited my Danish citizenship when I married in another country and acquired citizenship there. How do I get my Danish citizenship back?

Between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2020 there was an option submit a solemn declaration to the State Administration of Denmark stating, that you wish to reacquire the Danish citizenship. This is no longer possible.

NOTE: Only those who forfeited the Danish citizenship per the regulations in Clause 7 of the Danish nationality law are included in this provision.

May my non-Danish spouse apply for Danish citizenship without surrendering his or her original citizenship?

Citizens of other countries may obtain dual citizenship if they meet the requirements for citizenship in Denmark. The significance of the new legislation in Denmark is that citizens of other countries will not necessarily forfeit their original citizenship(s) if they attain citizenship in Denmark.

Before applying for Danish citizenship, a foreigner should always check, if the country in which the person holds citizenship already also recognizes dual citizenship. If this is not the case, then the person would still be required to forfeit the citizenship which they already hold.

I am a Danish citizen; my child was born outside Denmark. Does my child automatically hold citizenship in Denmark and in the country of birth?

Whether your child is born as a Danish citizen depends on the danish law. If it is a Danish citizen, it might also hold multiple other citizenships. This depends on a) the law of the country, in which the child was born and b) the citizenship of the other parent, along with the law on citizenship of this country. According to Danish law, a child of a Danish parent is automatically a Danish citizen at birth.

Children of a Danish parent born outside of Denmark, should apply for retention of the Danish citizenship prior to turning 22.

Where do I perform my military service?

If you are a citizen of the country in which you reside, you would serve in its armed forces.

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