Passive membership

Nyhavn i København

What benefits do you get from being a passive member of Danes Worldwide?

The passive membership is for you who have returned home to Denmark, but still want to support Danes Worlwide’s important work for Danes living abroad.

As a passive member, you support Danes Worldwide’s work and at the same time enjoy a number of benefits and membership offers:

  • Unlimited access to locked articles and guides on the website.
  • Our newsletter (in Danish) with interesting stories, news, guides and information relevant to the global dane
  • Membership discount on hotel stays, restaurants, car rental, etc.

What does a passive membership cost?

MembershipPrice (DKK)
Members and non-members264 DKK per year

How do i become a passive member?

You can become a member in our webshop!


If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.