Online Danish Courses: Registration for the new school year is now open!

Registration for the Danish Language Courses for the new school year is now open. The teaching starts at the beginning of September 2020.


It is now possible to register for Online Danish Language Courses for the school year 2020/2021. The teaching starts at the beginning of September 2020.

Danes Worldwide offers online Danish courses for Danish expats and their families. The courses are designed for children (6+), adolescents and adults and are divided into three levels You can get an overview of the three levels here.

If you already know which level your at and would like to sign up for the new school year, you can go directly to our webshop.

Danish for Beginners

Danish for Beginners is designed for children over the age of 10 and for teens and adults who wish to learn the language ’from scratch’. No knowledge of Danish is required on the part of students.

In addition, the course is well suited for those who have minimal knowledge of Danish – for example, those who have never learned the grammar or have little or no practice speaking and writing.

The course is very suitable for people who want to learn Danish at their own pace and when it fits into their schedule.

Assignment instructions are provided in English and in Danish.

Intermediate Danish

Intermediate Danish is designed for teens and adults who have been studying Danish for some time. Choose one of two levels:

Basic Danish (B1) is suitable for those who are familiar with most grammatical rules but want to achieve greater fluency in speaking and writing. Basic Danish (B1) gives you an opportunity to perfect your grammar and to expand your vocabulary for greater accuracy in day to day situations. In addition, the course provides an introduction to key elements of the history, culture, and society of Denmark.

Advanced Basic Danish (B1+) is suitable for those who have mastered fundamental grammar and now wish to advance. Advanced Basic Danish (B1+) focuses on grammatical details to take your skills to a higher level. By reading longer articles and watching videos dealing with the culture, society, and history of Denmark, you will get an opportunity to expand your vocabulary and express yourself using more complex constructions in speaking and writing.

School Level Danish

School Level Danish is another one of our online Danish courses which is designed for students whose first language is Danish. At this level students have almost the same Danish language mastery as public school students in Denmark, and have typically attended several years of school in Denmark before enrolling for School Level Danish. In their day-to-day life, they most often attend local or international schools where the primary language is English, and as a result, they may have some difficulty with specialized Danish terms and expressions used in the Danish school system.

Do you need advice or guidance to choose the right level of Online Danish Language Course? You are always welcome to contact our School Secretary, Tina Andersen.