Scholarships from Danes Worldwide

Danskundervisning på Sommerskolen 2018

Scholarships for Attending Online Courses in Danish or Summer School / Summer School for Families

We are pleased to be able to grant scholarships toward the fees for participation in the online language courses (Beginner, Intermediate, and School Level) offered in the 2022-2023 school year.

In addition, there are scholarships for attending Summer School and Summer School for Families 2023.

Anyone may apply for a scholarship (see below for membership requirement). The amounts in question are sizeable.

The scholarships are awarded to cover 100% or 50% of the registration fees.

A full scholarship for Danish for Beginners is worth DKK 5,150; for Intermediate Danish it’s DKK 6,195, and for School Level Danish it’s DKK 8,250.

A full scholarship for Summer School is worth DKK 20,500; for Summer School for Families, it’s DKK 8,995 per child and DKK 10,495 per adult.

Why Study Danish?

Why would expat Danish children want to learn Danish? Past scholarship recipients explain:

I want to learn Danish so that I will be able to speak to family members in Denmark, to make Danish friends, and to read Danish books.” Girl, 10.

“I want to improve my Danish, especially Danish grammar, because I want to study archaeology at university in Denmark.” Boy, 13.


The application covers information such as the following:

  • A statement on the part of the student as to the motivation for participating in the online courses, Summer School, or Summer School for Families.
  • A description of the family’s circumstances (e.g. number of siblings and any external financial support from such sources as a former spouse or grandparents).
  • Documentation for family finances (tax records, pay slips, and similar evidence).
  • A budget overview showing expenses, income, and discretionary funds.
  • A description of the applicant’s connection to Denmark.

Membership in Danes Worldwide

Scholarship recipients must join Danes Worldwide if they are not already members. The annual fee is DKK 780. Find out more about the various types of memberships here.

How to Apply

Download the application form and send the completed application as a single PDF file to


You are more than welcome to contact us: