Summer School

An unforgettable experience soaking up the language and culture of Denmark

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Learn Danish and make friends from all over the world

The Summer School is a unique experience for expat Danish children and teens (10-17).
We offer instruction in the Danish language and the culture of Denmark for students who live outside Denmark. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know Denmark better, learn Danish, and make friends with other expat children and teens.

The 2023 Summer School takes place 5-21 July in Denmark.

Summer School program

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Danish language and culture

The Summer School program offers lessons in the Danish language and the culture of Denmark. We include material from topics such as history, religion, social studies, and natual sciences. This helps students enter educational programs in Denmark at a later date on an equal footing with Danish students.

Intensive instruction

The program offers approximately 75 lessons in language and culture, and expectations as to students’ work are high in that Summer School is not a ”camp” or a vacation. The teachers have professional credentials, and the style of instruction reflects the practice in the Danish school system featuring group work and collaborative work. Debate and discussion are key, and students practice making the case for their own opinions.

Activities and leisure time

Once the lessons of the mornings are done, Summer School offers several afternoon options such as sports, theatre, music, design workshops, and outdoor activities. We make sure to give the students time in the evening to socialize around a campfire or to watch a movie. In addition, we arrange excursions and local trips in which we go to the beach, visit a farm, pick strawberries, and the like.
unge mennesker

Did you know that 70% of Summer School students attended previously?


Summer School leases premises at several educational institutions on the island of Funen or in Jutland. Students share rooms sleeping two or three.
Staff are available round the clock. Teachers and activity coordinators are assigned to specific dorms and look after the students (for example, in the case of homesickness).

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We’ll get the student into the appropriate class

At Summer School, the priority is that students lean Danish while they socialize with their friends – new ones and old ones.
To ensure that all students are assigned to the appropriate class, the teachers administer a language test on the first day. The students are then assigned to a class in one of three levels: Danish for Beginners, Intermediate Danish, and School Level Danish.

Lessons in Danish language

Summer School offers 35 language lessons depending on the age of the students.

We make efforts to make the instruction engaging and enjoyable to provide a varied, rich, and creative learning environment.

Teachers at Summer School

All Summer School teachers have professional credentials in teaching Danish. They know how to build interesting and varied lessons and how to support each student individually with respect to learning and achievement.

The activity coordinators

Many of the activity coordinators have professional credentials in teaching sports, music, or design. They arrange the activities offered in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends: Sports and outdoor activities, cooking, theatre, games café, and design workshops.
Meet Summer School activity coordinator Kasper in this video.

In-depth details about Summer School

Join us for a video tour of Summer School. The video is best viewed through Virtual Reality goggles, but you may watch it from your computer using your mouse.

Will you be joining our Summer School in 2023?

Any questions?

You may find the answers to your questions in the Summer School FAQ here.

You are always welcome to contact Summer School Coordinator Tina Andersen or Summer School Director Jan Mikkelsen:

The Danes Worldwide Summer School is a separate legal entity (a commercial foundation) to which the Danes Worldwide Secretariat provides administrative services.