Webinar: Have I Lost It? – Retention or Reacquisition of Danish Citizenship

For medlemmer 🔒 Before September 2015, Denmark didn’t allow dual citizenship, which has led some members of Danes Worldwide to believe they have lost their Danish citizenship. However, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstandings regarding the rules. In many cases, it is possible to regain Danish citizenship. On February 28th, we will present an overview of the terms reacquisition for and retention of Danish citizenship, as well as the requirements for both.

Practical information and registration is available down below.

Denmark didn’t allow double citizenship before 2015, but did you know:

  • that this was only applicable for people, who actively applied for and received a foreign citizenship? So, if you were born with dual citizenship, meaning you received it automatically, you could keep your Danish citizenship, as long as you applied for retention before turning 22 years old.
  • that if you actively applied for and received a foreign citizenship before September 2015 you automatically lost your Danish citizenship? However, you can now get your Danish citizenship back, if you apply for reacquisition.
  • that if you were born with dual, or even multiple citizenships, you could have lost your Danish citizenship when you turned 22, because you didn’t apply for retention.
    Have you lost it? In many cases it is still possible to apply either for reacquisition or retention of Danish citizenship.

In this webinar Karoline Blyt, legal advisor for Danes Worldwide, will present the requirements for both re-acquisition and retention of Danish citizenship and give an overview of the application process. The webinar is hosted online via Zoom.

The webinar will be in English.


  • How did you lose your Danish citizenship? Article 7 or article 8?
  • What are the possibilities to regain your Danish citizenship?
    • Re-acquisition of Danish citizenship? (article 7)
    • Retention of Danish citizenship? (article 8)
  • Requirements for reacquiring Danish citizenship with residence in Denmark or residence abroad
  • Requirements for retention of the Danish citizenship – when you are older than 22
  • Deadlines and submission of application(s)

After the presentation it will be possible to ask questions.

Practical information

Date & Time

Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 17:00 – 18:30 (Copenhagen time, CET)


Zoom – you will receive a link via email after registration


Free – but only for members of Danes Worldwide


Feel free to contact Kasper Jepsen, kasper@danes.dk, if you have any questions


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A key issue

Danes Worldwide believes that former Danish citizens should always be able to regain their Danish citizenship. That is why re-acquisition and retention of Danish citizenship has been, and continues, to be a key issue in our political work.