Danish for Beginners

Danish for Beginners is designed for children over the age of 10 and for teens and adults who wish to learn the language ’from scratch’. No knowledge of Danish is required on the part of students.

In addition, the course is well suited for those who have minimal knowledge of Danish – for example, those who have never learned the grammar or have little or no practice speaking and writing.
The course is very suitable for people who want to learn Danish at their own pace and when it fits into their schedule.

Assignment instructions are provided in English and in Danish.


The course presents a basic vocabulary and fundamental sentence structures. Students learn the words for e.g. greetings, numbers, days of the week, colors, months, and times of day, and they learn questions and answers to enable them to speak about personal topics like their names, ages, home towns, countries of origin, family members, homes, national cuisines, and day to day lives.

The Danes Worldwide team members focus on the close connection between language and culture, and as a result Danish for Beginners includes an element of Danish culture. Each week, a theme characteristic of Denmark and its culture is presented, for example the geography, common courtesies, the royal family, bicycles and bicycling etiquette, and much more.


Every Monday, new online materials are released. These materials are assignments based on videos showing a Danish family in a variety of typical day to day situations. Explanations of grammar and pronunciation are included, as are a considerable number of drills.

A weekly blog provides a forum for the students to write in Danish, and once a week, a formal assignment is to be submitted (in writing or as a recording). Our professional language teachers provide an individual evaluation of these assignments to each student.

The course ensures that students are trained in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Get an insight into some of the situations you will experience in the videos

When do I start the course?

Enrollment is possible throughout the school year. Our school years is divided into four terms, and new students can enroll by the start of each term.

Starts Ends
1st termSeptember 7, 2020November 9, 2020
2nd termNovember 16, 2020January 25, 2021
3rd termFebruary 1, 2021April 5, 2021
4th termApril 12, 2021June 14, 2021


Danish for Beginners is made up of three segments, each including 10 weekly modules. The school year starts on September 7.

Segment 1: Modules 1-10

Segment 2: Modules 11-20

Segment 3: Modules 21-30

Proficiency Level & Certificate of Completion

The three segments of Danish for Beginners correspond to level A1 (beginner level) in the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, CEFR.

Upon completion of the three segments, students are issued a certificate to confirm participation in a Danish language course, level A1, offered by Danes Worldwide.


Segment 1DKK 1600N/A
Segment 1-3DKK 4260DKK 5300

Until August 31 2020, Members of Danes Worldwide can purchase the entire course of Danish for Beginners at the campaign price DKK 4000.

How do I register?

Registration and payment is made through our webshop. The school year starts on September 7.

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