Danish for Beginners

To unge lærer dansk online på tablet

The Danish language course for beginners is aimed at first-time learners or those with a very limited knowledge of Danish. At this level, students are taught how to introduce themselves and ask for directions, and basic words for leisure activities, numbers, days of the week, food, and shopping are covered.  Students at this level may understand Danish and respond in another language when they hear it.  Should the student  be slightly more advanced, Basic Level Danish or School Level Danish may be more suitable.

Two programs are offered at the beginner level

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Oral introduction of Danish for Beginners (notice the video is Danish speaking)

What are the prices?

Prices for all levels (1-4)MembersNonmembers
Danish for Beginners, age 6-122,300 DKK3,600 DKK
Danish for Beginners, age 13+3,000 DKK4,275 DKK

How do I register for the Danish language course?

If you already know which level you want, then press the button below:

Questions about Danish for Beginners?

Should you be uncertain whether the Danish language course for beginners is right for you or for your child, we invite you to be in touch mette@danes.dk or +45 3332 0913  or to explore our other instructional offerings.