Local network

We're facilitating global networks between Danish expats.

kvinde i storby

Copenhagen, Denmark

Whether you live as an expat or has returned to Denmark, you can use your membership in Danes Worldwide to find like-minded people.

Danes Worldwide has more than 100 representatives in 57 countries around the world. The representatives are committed expatriate Danes who have volunteered to serve as a contact person for other Danes in the local area.


Active representatives for your assistance

The representatives comprise a closely-knit network of visible figures who are able to assist Danes in their local communities and keep the secretariat up-to-date on the needs of Danes living abroad.

The representatives are very active when it comes to arranging a variety of social events, ranging from group tours of the local area to Christmas parties.

Repræsentanter i udlandet

Ask any questions imaginable

Drawing on their knowledge of local matters, they can answer questions about virtually everything imaginable.

This includes specific questions about the public health service (“Where can I find the best dentist?”), public utility companies (“Who do I call if a water pipe bursts?”), communication (“How long does it take to get an internet connection?”), etc.