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Next course start: April 8, 2024

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Learn Danish from scratch

Danish for Beginners is designed for anyone aged 10 and up who wishes to learn Danish ‘from scratch’ or build on very basic knowledge.

While learning the language, you will be introduced to the culture, daily life, and social structure of Denmark.

Danish for Beginners A1

In the Danish for Beginners A1 course, you will learn words and sentences to help you speak about ordinary topics in Danish. For example, you will learn how to introduce yourself and speak about your family and your daily life. You will learn the words for numbers, days of the week, time of the day, and colors.

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Danish for Beginners A2

In the Danish for Beginners A2 course, you will learn how to express your opinions and goals. Furthermore, you will learn how to speak about such topics as health, geography, and the climate.
You will in addition learn to express your views on music, TV shows, and books.

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Language & culture

Language and culture are closely related. That is why we include culture in the Danish for Beginners courses.

Each week focuses on a new cultural theme such as geography, manners, the royal family, and bicycling, plus Danish music, literature, and movies.

Course schedule

You set your own pace in our online courses, logging on when it’s convenient for you and working on the assignments on your own.

During each course, a new set of online assignments is released every Monday. The assignments may present vocabulary, new sentences, listening exercises, brief videos, explanations of grammar, and drills. Each set of assignments in the A2 course concludes with a quiz to let you test yourself.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a blog (in Danish) and to submit a recorded or written assignment. Recordings are to be submitted as a video or an audio file.

For each assignment submitted, you will receive personalized feedback from your teacher in writing or in a video.

The course covers all aspects of language to let you listen, read, write, and speak Danish.

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What is included?

• Proceed at your own pace
• Access to the course 24/7 – new assignments issued every Monday
• Instruction in speaking, pronouncing, understanding, reading, and writing Danish
• Content includes the culture and daily life of Denmark
• Access to the teacher; regular course schedule
• Varied interactive assignments rich in sound, pictures, and video

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What is the most suitable level for me?

A1 is appropriate if you have no prior knowledge of Danish or if you have limited knowledge and wish to start “from scratch”.

A2 is appropriate if you understand some Danish but have not learned the grammar or if you understand quite well but have not practiced speaking and writing. If your skills correspond to the A1 level, you may take the A2 course without attending the A1 course.

“We greatly appreciate these courses. Yasmin has improved her Danish immensely, and she finds the work entertaining”

Father of Yasmin, student in Danish for Beginners A2.

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Time commitment for Danish for Beginners

The Danish for Beginners courses are well suited for those who wish to learn at their own pace and at times that fit their daily schedules.

Students should expect to spend about 2 hours per week on average. This estimate may vary according to their age, goals, native language, and previous experience learning a language.

Course dates and duration

You may begin a course four times per year to fit your personal plans.

Danish for Beginners A1 consists of three terms of 10 weeks each. New groups of students begin a terms every 10 weeks.

Danish for Beginners A2 consists of two terms of 10 weeks each. New groups of students begin a terms every 10 weeks.

Start dates for the 2024-2025 academic year:

  • Monday, September 2, 2024
  • Monday, November 11, 2024
  • Monday, January 27, 2025
  • Monday, April 7, 2025
CEFR levels

Danish for Beginners A1 and A2, respectively, correspond to levels A1 and A2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Certificate of completion

Danes Worldwide will issue to students having participated actively in all course terms a certificate of completion at level A1 or A2.

Danish for Beginners A1 

At Danish for Beginners A1, you will learn words and phrases that enable you to communicate about everyday things in Danish. For example, you will learn how to introduce yourself and talk about your family and everyday life. You will also learn numbers, days of the week, the time and colours.

From 10 years old

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Danish for Beginner A2

In Danish for Beginner A2, you will learn to describe your opinions and feelings and be able to talk about topics such as health, geography and climate.

You will also learn to express your opinions about music, TV and books.

From the age of 10

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Intermediate Danish B1

In Intermediate Danish B1 we focus on expanding your vocabulary and making your language more grammatically correct. You’ll learn to express your opinion on current topics such as the environment, school and education, and lifestyle. Each week you will also have the opportunity to practise your pronunciation and write shorter texts on a familiar topic.

From 13 years old

Intermediate Danish B2

In Intermediate Danish B2 we work more with the details of grammar that will take your Danish language to a higher level. We will also read longer articles and watch videos about Danish politics, culture and society. In this way, you will expand your vocabulary so that you can express yourself in a more nuanced way both orally and in writing.

From 15 years old

How much is it?

Danish for Beginners A1 or A2
(1 term of 10 weeks)
DKK 1.950Not offered
Danish for Beginners A1
(full course, 3 x 10 weeks)
DKK 5.400DKK 6.750
Danish for Beginners A2
(full course, 2 x 10 weeks)
DKK 3.750DKK 4.690
The prices apply to the school year 2023-2024

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Testimonial from a former student in the A1 course

Nadia tells us how much Danish she learned from participating in 30 weeks of the A1 course.

Testimonial from a former student in the A2 course

Listen to Jasmin, who is an expat Dane and student at the A2 course, tell about herself in Danish. The presentation is made as a result of 20 weeks participation in the A2 course.

Get the most out of Danish for Beginners
  • Give it your best effort and be diligent in completing the assignments.
  • Don’t tackle all assignments in one day but instead log in twice a week. It is helpful to return to completed assignments and repeat some of the drills before proceeding.
  • You will benefit greatly from having the opportunity to practice speaking Danish (for example, with a family member or a colleague) during the course.
  • We recommend that an adult assist younger students during the course.
Helpful skills and resources
  • All instructions for the assignments are provided in English and Danish. You must be able to read English at a level to ensure that you understand the instructions, or you must have the assistance of someone who does.
  • You should be skilled in navigating an online tool so that you will be able to use our ABC Danes portal.
  • You should have a computer or tablet and a stable internet connection so that you can participate and submit assignments.
  • Our recommendations for computer equipment are available here.

I tried different schools in Copenhagen since I landed here, but your platform so far is the best 

Dina, Beginner Danish A1 student

You are welcome to get in touch if you have questions about Danish for Beginners