Make a contribution to language scholarships

With your help, Danish children abroad will have the opportunity to learn Danish language and culture. At the same time, you support our political work for your rights.

Summer School danes worldwide

I am very grateful to have been awarded your scholarship! It’s an incredible help and I’m sure it will make a difference for Noah when we move to Denmark next summer.

Donate your contribution

We hope that you will support Danes Worldwide with a donation of at least DKK 200 so that as many Danish children and young people abroad as possible can receive a language scholarship.
If you are able to donate a larger amount, it will of course be gratefully received.

Danes Sommerskole 2021

Get a tax deduction for your donation

Danes Worldwide is covered by section 8A of the Danish Tax Assessment Act, which means, among other things, that you as a donor can get a tax deduction for the donation amount if you are resident in an EU or EEA country.
Danes Worldwide must receive a minimum of 100 donations annually to continue to be covered by section 8A of the Tax Assessment Act. If you have provided your Danish CPR number in connection with the donation, we will report the amount to SKAT on 31 December.

Thank you in advance!

With a donation you also support the organisation and our political work

Danes Worldwide is covered by Section 8A of the Danish Tax Assessment Act. This means that, as a non-profit organisation, we can apply for support from the pool of distribution funds from the Ministry of Culture and receive partial VAT compensation for our purchases of materials, computers, equipment, etc. that would otherwise be an expense for Danes Worldwide.

We work politically for your rights as a Dane living abroad. We make politicians aware of the legal challenges for global Danes, we create debates in the press and organise the Global Danes Parliament. We bring together top politicians, opinion makers and the press and put extra focus on the issues that international families face in their encounter with “public Denmark”.

Your donation makes a big difference – both for the organisation and for Danish children abroad!

Deduction rules in Denmark

SKATs legal advice (in Danish)

The Danish law with the requirements to us as an organisation (in Danish)

Pay less in inheritance tax

Do you want to give your heirs the opportunity to pay less inheritance tax? And do you also want to financially support Danes Worldwide’s work? You have the opportunity to reduce inheritance tax when donating to an approved charitable organisation

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If you have any questions about donations, please contact us