Who are Danes Worldwide?

Globus af verdenen, danes worldwide

Danes Worldwide

Danes Worldwide makes it as easy as possible for Danes to live and work abroad – and return home. We offer counseling, networking and Danish language training to Danes abroad all over the world.
The association is the voice of Danes abroad to politicians and other decision-makers and works to ensure that Danes abroad have as many rights as possible compared to Danish citizens living in Denmark.

About Danes Worldwide

Danes Worldwide is a private non-profit organization that aims to be a link between Denmark and Danes around the world. The organization has over 100 years of experience in this field, as it was founded in 1919.

Danes Worldwide works to make it easier to be a Dane abroad. The association is the voice of Danes abroad to politicians and other decision-makers, and we work to ensure that Danes abroad have as many rights as possible in relation to Danish citizens living in Denmark.

The key issues are to ensure Danes’ rights to citizenship, family reunification, voting rights, financial and social benefits and pensions.

Danes Worldwide advises Danes on legal matters before, during and after their stay abroad. It creates networks and brings Danes abroad together and helps returning Danes to get a good foothold in Danish society.

Danes Worldwide offers online lessons from beginner level to school Danish, giving children with Danish roots the opportunity to learn Danish and keep Danish language and culture alive.

Danes Worldwide is a membership-based organization that reaches out to more than 200,000 expatriate Danes worldwide and offers membership to both individuals and companies.

H.M. Queen Margrethe II is the patron of the association.

About The Danish Summerschool

The Danish Summer School is an independent, self-governing institution that works in close collaboration with Danes Worldwide.

The purpose of the Summer School is to organize school activities for children of Danes abroad in order to promote knowledge of Danish language and culture. This usually takes the form of a 3-week stay in Denmark at carefully selected continuation schools, with which the Summer School works closely. The activity is carried out in collaboration with Danes Worldwide and Danish Private Schools.

The summer schools help to create strong bonds between Danes abroad and their children, provide lifelong friendships, and are a way for friends and family to spend time together while being close to a fundamental part of Danish culture.

The summer school has its own board, but receives secretarial support from Danes Worldwide.