Danish Summer School for families

A unique family stay for Danes abroad

Læs dansk for udlandsdanskere på Familie-Sommerskolen

Always fun activities and Danish hygge at the Family Summer School

Danish language and culture

Family Summer School focuses on the culture of Denmark and language through Danish class, activities, and excursions. Your family will have a chance to have fun and relax together and at the same time get a cultural and linguistic boost that will strengthen your connection to Denmark. Your family will have an experience to energize body and soul. 
Intensive Danish Language courses for everyone at the Family Summer School

Intensive language courses

Family Summer School is not a “summer camp” but a school where educated Danish teachers set academic goals for their class. Children are introduced to Danish teaching methods, where group work and collaboration are keywords. The daily program is structured so it quickly gives everyone a comfortable and pleasant routine.
Fun activities in the spare time at the Family Summer School

Activities and spare time

When the daytime lessons are done, attendees may participate in a variety of activities and tours designed for the entire family. The intent of these activities is to provide an opportunity for each family to share experiences in which the Danish language and the culture of Denmark are front and center. 

So many things made the stay at the Family Summer School truly special. Most of all the teacher’s and instructor’s incredible engagement, passion, patience, flexibility, energi, humor and positivity

Intensive Danish language courses divided into three different levels at the Family Summer School

The Danish language courses

During the event, children will receive between 28 and 35 Danish lessons with a playfull and fun approach. This forms a versatile and creative teaching. It’s supposed to be fun for everyone to learn Danish.
The lessons for children are offered at three levels (beginner, basic, and school level). Our teachers are professional and experienced teachers who have developed innovative instructional approaches geared to the participants.

Additionally, both children and adults get language tools that they can use after and in their everyday life. 

Want to join The Family Summer School 2024?

The Family Summer School is for the entire family living abroad

The family summer school is for you who

– Have a Danish child/grandchild living outside Denmark
– Seek out “learning vacations” and desire to learn Danish in a fun and innovative way
– Have interest in the language and culture of Denmark
– Wish to make the acquaintance of other Danish expat families

Daily Program for the Family Summer School

Daily program for the Family Summer School

After the breakfast we all gather together to sing Danish songs.
The language courses runs until the middle of the afternoon after which the different leisure activities begin.
Each day ends with another gathering with singing and the opportunity for more activities and hygge until its time for bed.

We have had the best summer! The children learned a ton of Danish, and we have made a lot of new friends from all across the world.

Want to join The Family Summer School 2024?

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Summer School (Den Danske Sommerskole, “The Danish Summer School”) is a separate legal entity (an industrial foundation). Danes Worldwide provides administrative services to the foundation.