Student Counseling

Advice and guidance on education, moving to Denmark, housing and much more

unge mennesker sammenhold i studier

Danes Worldwide wants to help young Danes living abroad gain a better understanding of the opportunities to study in Denmark.

That’s why we offer our youth members help navigating the Danish education system. If you need help with the rules for SU or if you have general questions about youth life in Denmark, we are ready to help you on your way.

Studievejledning til uddannelse i Danmark

What can the student counseling help you with?

The student counseling service helps you with questions related to studying in Denmark.
Among other things, we can help you answer questions about

– SU (state education grant)
– Language requirements for admission to university
– Assessment of foreign exams (quota 1 and 2)
– Application for Danish education programs


An addition to the information offered by individual institutions

The advice offered by Danes Worldwide to expat Danes with respect to studying in Denmark is tailored to their needs and thus goes beyond the information available from individual academic institutions.

The advice is not legally binding but rather is an opportunity for gaining knowledge and insights to add to the information provided by the individual institutions offering postsecondary education.

Where do I begin?

If you wish to study a degree in Denmark, we have collected some information here that you might find relevant: