Student Counseling

unge mennesker sammenhold i studier

A collaboration between Danes Worldwide and Danish Students Abroad (DSA)

Every year, more than 10,000 Danish students complete all or part of their education abroad – a much smaller share than that seen in countries Denmark normally compares itself with. Despite the growing demand among Danish companies for employees with international skills and the growing interest among Danish students in foreign exchange programs, those who choose to study abroad still face a wide range of challenges.

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Information on studying abroad

Therefore, Danes Worldwide and DSA have teamed up to significantly improve the information available about studying abroad. The target group is young students from Denmark who want to study abroad, as well as young Danes living abroad who want to study in Denmark.

In connection with the founding of the new partnership, we now offer students a combined membership of Danes Worldwide and DSA for just DKK 200 per year.

We want to contribute to ensuring that Danish students have the same opportunities as other students to complete all or part of their education abroad – and to return to Denmark to utilize their international skills, intercultural understanding and global network. These skills represent an important resource for Danish society; be it in the business world, research community, public sector, private organizations or educational system.

Supplement to student counseling

The initiative is a supplement to the existing counseling available to students at upper secondary schools and institutions of higher education regarding the established exchange programs. Our forum (also) caters to students who want to study outside of the pre-existing exchange programs.

The counseling is not legally binding, but it is a forum for the exchange of experience; as more and more students join the forum, it will become the go-to place for advice and information, combined with the guidance otherwise provided by the universities themselves.

You can here read more about Danish Students Abroad (DSA).

NOTE! Danes Worldwide and Danish Students Abroad cannot be held liable for any consequences of guidance provided through the Forum for Experience Exchange.

Questions about student counseling?

You are welcome to contact our student counselor Maria if you need any student counseling.