Student Counseling

unge mennesker sammenhold i studier

Guidance on Studying in Denmark offered to Young Danes Outside Denmark

Danes Worldwise seeks to assist young Danes outside Denmark in gaining insight into the opportunities for studying here at the university level.

To that end we are offering youth memberships to expat Danes aged 18-26 at the discounted rate of DKK 216/year (or DKK 540 for 3 years). Sign up here. For expats over 26 years of age, the family membership would be appropriate.

Among the benefits of a youth membership are:

  • Advice from our study counselor
  • Access to our panel of experts
  • Member discounts on online language courses
  • Member discounts targeted at expat Danes


Notice this video is Danish speaking

An addition to the information offered by individual institutions

The advice offered by Danes Worldwide to expat Danes with respect to studying in Denmark is tailored to their needs and thus goes beyond the information available from individual academic institutions.

The advice is not legally binding but rather is an opportunity for gaining knowledge and insights to add to the information provided by the individual institutions offering postsecondary education.

How can we help?

Our academic guidance pertains to the practical details of studying in Denmark.

As an example, we help with such matters as:

  • Government stipends (the Grants and Loans Scheme, usually referred to by the Danish initials “SU”)
  • Requirements for competency in Danish
  • Assessment of qualifications earned outside Denmark (for applications made under the alternative credentials program usually referred to as “kvote 2”)
  • Applications for bursaries

Where do I begin?

If you wish to study a degree in Denmark, we have collected some information here that you might find relevant:

Questions about student counseling?

As a member you have the opportunity to contact our student Counseling team if you have any questions or need any particular help on