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School Level Danish is another of our Danish courses online and is designed for students whose first language is Danish. They speak Danish with their parents at home. In speaking and writing, these students are close to being at the level of students in the public schoool system in Denmark, and they may in fact have attended school in Denmark for several years. Day to day, these students attend local or international schools at which English or another language is used; they may as a result have some difficulty with specialized terminology in Danish.

Oral introduction to School Level Danish (notice the video is Danish speaking)

Even though your child may hear and speak Danish at home, it may not be sufficient to develop his or her vocabulary and written language skills to meet the requirements of Denmark’s public school system. Should your family return to Denmark at some point, a deficiency in language skills could become a serious problem for your child.  

How does it work to learn Danish online?

The instructional program is flexible so that your child may follow a schedule convenient for your family. The instructional content is developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education  and is calibrated to its “Common Goals for Danish Language Skills” guidelines as used in Denmark’s public school system.  It is our experience that our students achieve results surpassing the national average.

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Education

The program is not a commercial product. It is developed specifically to meet our members’ need to maintain an appropriate level of skill in Danish.

The instructional program is and coordinated with Denmark’s Ministry of Education.The Ministry of Education offers guidance [in Danish] for parents to assist them in maintaining and enhancing their children’s Danish language skills during periods of living abroad. Danes Worldwide is specifically mentioned in the Ministry’s publication (

What is the price for School Level Danish?

Single Term (10 weeks)DKK 2,050N/A
Full Year, 1st childDKK 7,150DKK 9,250
Full Year, siblingsDKK 6,375N/A
Full Year, 9th GradeDKK 7,6509,750

How do I register?

Registration and payment is made through our webshop:

Do you have more than one child?

If you register more than one child, insert a comma or dash between students’ names, birth data and information on the same registration form.

*Once the school year starts, no refunds will be issued.  Prior to the start of the school year, payments for canceled bookings will be refunded minus a processing fee of DKK 500.

Sign up all year for Danish courses online

Sign up is available all year round. However, we highly recommend all students to sign up in the beginning of the school year. The prices are depending on date of sign up and scheduled educational program.

Questions about School Level Danish?

Read about the Frequently Asked Questions about School Level Danish.

Should you be uncertain whether School Level Danish is right for your child, we invite you to be in touch or to explore our other instructional offerings within Danish courses online.