Case processing

We can help you with difficult case processings


Are you considering moving back to Denmark together with your foreign spouse? Or is your child about to turn 22 and needs to apply to retain his or her Danish citizenship?
When you are to apply within the mentioned and other areas, the process may seem confusing. For example, to complete application forms, contact relevant authorities – or quite simply to understand the rules and guidelines. The encounter with Danish bureaucracy can present many challenges especially if you have never tried it before. 
What is included?

When you purchase case management, this will be included:

  • A meeting, either by phone or in person, with the lawyer to review the case.
  • Answers to questions related to completing and submitting the application.
  • The lawyer will review the application and ensure that it is completed correctly.
  • Review of all relevant documentation to be attached to the application.
  • The lawyer acts as a party representative between you and the Danish authority and ensures understandable communication.
  • Meeting all deadlines during and possibly after the authority’s case processing and decision.
Start-up meeting

We begin with a telephone or in-person meeting between you and a member of our legal team, where you will review the case and have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also receive the relevant application form and a guide with the lawyer’s best advice on how to complete the application.

Once you have completed the application and gathered the relevant documentation, you send it to us via our secure email system, which guarantees safe shipping and storage of your documents.

Review of your case

Our legal team will now review your application and documentation to ensure that everything is filled out correctly. Depending on the type of case, we will either submit the application for you or guide you on how to send it to a Danish authority or Danish representation abroad.

Once the authorities have processed your application, depending on the type of case, you will either receive the decision directly or have it forwarded to you by us. For family reunification applications, we will then help you keep track of deadlines for passing the language test.

It is important to note that Danes Worldwide cannot guarantee the desired outcome of the application.

What to do

Fill out the contact form for the case you want help with. Our legal team will then assess whether we can help you. In most cases, we can; however, there may be very specific cases that are so complicated that they require specialized legal knowledge that we can’t offer. We will let you know if we can offer case management in your specific case as soon as possible.

What does it cost?

Legal adviceMembersNon-members
30 minutes per yearFree
Extended legal assistance (possibility for meeting including preparation)DKK 1,800DKK 2,250
Extended legal assistance (assistance for case processing, meetings etc.)DKK 3,500DKK 4,375
Case processing service – Family reunificationMembersNon-members
SpouseDKK 8,500DKK 10,625
Third country national childDKK 4,500DKK 5,625
Extension of residence permit for my spouse/partnerDKK 4,000DKK 5,000
Minor child(ren) with Danish citizenshipDKK 6,000DKK 7,500
Case processing service – CitizenshipMembersNon-members
Proof of Danish citizenshipDKK 5,500DKK 6,875
Reacquisition of Danish citizenshipDKK 9,500DKK 11,875
Retention of Danish citizenshipDKK 7,000DKK 8,750

Please be aware that a case processing fee needs to be paid for some applications to the Danish authorities when submitting an application. The fee is paid separately to the authority.