Should your heirs pay less inheritance tax?

Use the so-called "30% solution"

Do you want to give your heirs the opportunity to pay less inheritance tax? And do you also want to financially support Danes Worldwide’s work – including political issues such as voting rights and family reunification? Then perhaps you should consider thinking of us in your will.

When you die, your loved ones inherit you. With the exception of your husband or wife, all your heirs must pay inheritance tax on the inheritance. This includes your partner, children, grandchildren, siblings, etc.

In the case of more distant family members or friends, some will have to pay as much as 36.25% in inheritance tax. And if you have no heirs – or no will – the state will collect everything you leave behind.

Create a will

However, there is a way for your heirs to significantly reduce the inheritance tax. All you need to do is create a will using the so-called “30% solution”. This means that you donate 30% of your estate to an approved charitable organisation – such as Danes Worldwide.

In return, Danes Worldwide pays the inheritance tax on the remaining 70% of the inheritance. This means that your heirs only give up 30% of the inheritance instead of paying the normal inheritance tax of 36.25%.