The Board of Directors

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The members of Danes Worldwide‘s Board of Directors come from the business community, diplomatic ranks, and the world of culture. Most board members have personal experience as diplomats or as employees posted abroad.

Chair of the Board, Michael Metz Mørch

Michael Metz Mørch assumed leadership of the Board of Directors in November 2011. He has served on the Danes Worldwide Board of Directors since 2007. Michael Metz Mørch’s career in government and business has been wide ranging.

Michael Metz Mørch

He holds a degree in political science and served as senior manager in the Department of Foregin Affairs and later as personal secretary to two ministers, Kjeld Olesen and Uffe Ellemann-Jensen. He has held executive posts in SAS and in TV2’s Commercial Division. From 2005 to 2011, he was Chair of the Bikuben Foundation (a foundation supporting social initiatives, cultural events, and a number of highly prestigious awards). 

The global view

During his tenure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Michael Metz Mørch served as ambassador in Riga and Warsaw and as Consul General in New York. His twenty years abroad have given him detailed insight and understanding as to the realities for Danes abroad.

His activities in government and business built a solid and wide ranging network in Denmark as well as abroad. His curiosity and honesty are among the qualities that still attract prominent new members into that network.

In addition to serving as Danes Worldwide’s Chair of the Board, Michael Metz Mørch serves as Chair of the Board for the Utzon Center, Thorsminde Harbor (Faroe Islands), and the Culture and History Museums in Holstebro. He is a member of the Board of the Danish Cultural Institute, the Danish Jewish Museum, the Nuna Foundation, Hotel Pro Forma, and the Denmark-America Foundation.

Other Members

  • Jens Olesen
  • Marianne Hostrup Richter
  • Julie Schmiegelow
  • Freddy Svane
  • Kirsten Smedegaard Andersen
  • Viggo Nedergaard Jensen
  • Jens M. Jensen
  • Caroline Arends
  • Søren Brandt
  • Mia Dyvig
  • Susanne Rumohr Hækkerup
  • Nicolai Prytz

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