Exemption from property value tax in Denmark

Navigating property taxes can be complex, especially for Danes abroad. Whether buying or selling property in Denmark, understanding Danish property value tax is crucial. This guide highlights key aspects of property taxes, focusing on exemptions and reductions.

Online Danish Students

Why study Danish?

There can be many reasons for learning Danish. Here we have found three of our students with peculiar reasons. Like Valentine, who learned Danish to audition for a Shakespeare play.


Facts and insights about the Ukranians

This spring, Danes Worldwide’s chairman of the board hosted a Ukrainian journalist who moved to Denmark with her daughter to escape the war. DANES invited her to write an article providing some general information about the country that is at the centre of the world’s attention these days. Note that this article is focusing on conditions in Ukraine before the war began 24 February.


International students: “We want to stay in Denmark”

Many young people with a Danish background who have grown up abroad consider an eventual return to Copenhagen or elsewhere in the country to study. Three people living in Copenhagen share their experiences and their view of opportunities for international students in the Danish job market. One tip in particular is stressed: Learn Danish!

UN bygningen i Danmark

Advice for your return to the Danish labour market

The rising tide of uncertainty in the wake of the coronavirus crisis has many expat Danes considering a return to Denmark. One major challenge after living abroad for many years is finding a good job – even for those with a CV boasting global experience and skills.


Reflections on my Third Culture Kids

“We had been living in Qatar for about three years when my 8-year-old daughter told me about a new friend. When I asked where this girl came from, my daughter replied, “She’s from school.” Obviously, her friend’s ethnic and cultural background was unimportant. That was an eye-opener for me.”

Fyrtårn Danmark

From residence permit in Denmark to Danish citizen

“How can my foreign spouse come to Denmark and become a Danish citizen?” is a common question we are asked here at Danes Worldwide legal advice service. Many people believe – incorrectly – that the path to Danish citizenship isn’t all that complicated. Many members have lived abroad for a number of years, and they remember a path to citizenship that used to be more straightforward. This article aims to provide an overview of the process for obtaining Danish citi­zenship – as of November 2021.