What is the meaning of B1 and B2 in our instructional program?

When you set out to learn a new language, you may find it confusing to determine the most appropriate course level. That’s where the CEFR system comes in handy.

Danes Sommerskole 2013

Previously, language instruction programs used terms like ”beginners”, ”learners with moderate skills” and ”advanced learners”, but those terms were unclear. That’s where the CEFR system comes in handy.

A Letter for each Level

The system was developed by the Council of Europe. CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This framework is used by European providers of language instruction to describe the various levels at which courses are offered.

CEFR organizes courses in six levels, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

Source: Council of Europe

Intermediate Danish

Danes Worldwide offers two courses at the intermediate level, classified as B1 and B2 in the CEFR system.

Basic Danish B1

Choose Basic Danish if you understand and speak and write some Danish and are able to read brief and simple text and exchange simple information.

In this course, we tackle grammar and vocabulary within a number of topic areas to help you function day to day in speaking Danish at a correct functional level. We look at the history, culture, and society of Denmark.

The goal of Basic Danish is to enable you to …

  • watch and understand TV news and entertainment shows
  • carry on a conversation about day to day topics
  • speak with staff in shops, cafes, and restaurants

The course covers …

  • the school system in Denmark
  • meeting others from different cultures and engaging in small talk
  • topics related to the environment, our climate, and ecological concerns
  • social media
  • supporting favorite figures in popular culture and sports
  • leisure activities and clubs
  • Danish design

You will be working on …

  • reading basic material discussing elements of Danish society, culture, and history
  • understanding day to day Danish as it is spoken by Danes
  • improving your written Danish
  • writing brief essays
  • improving your pronunciation
  • expanding your vocabulary
  • mastering Danish grammar.

Online Danish lessons at multiple levels

Danes Worldwide offers online Danish lessons for children, young people and adults at several levels. You can follow the lessons whenever it suits your schedule, and you always receive personalised feedback on your assignments.

We start new classes throughout the year, so you can start when it suits you.

Read more about the Danish lessons

Advanced Basic Danish B2

Choose Advanced Basic Danish if you have mastered fundamental Danish grammar and speak, write, and understand Danish at a level beyond basic and if you are able to read and understand longer pieces of text and speak with others about day to day subjects.

In the Advanced Basic Danish course, we work on the details of grammar that get you to a higher level of competence. We read longer articles and watch videos dealing with the culture, social conditions, and history of Denmark. This helps you expand your vocabulary and thus express yourself with greater nuance in writing and in speech.

In this course, you will be working on

  • taking part in more complex conversations related to your school work, university studies, or job
  • expressing your opinions and attitudes
  • explaining your points of view.

Subjects in this course include

  • the ’happy Danes’
  • the lives of young people in Denmark
  • politics in Denmark.

In addition, you will be working on

  • reading longer pieces explaining key challenges in the social structure and culture of Denmark
  • understanding ’real’ Danish as it is now spoken in Denmark, including on TV
  • expanding your vocabulary to help you speak with others about more complex topics
  • improve your writing and speaking skills
  • master additional detail in Danish grammar.