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In Dubai, the Danes Worldwide Learning Center collaborates with the Danish School in Dubai to offer classroom instruction Danish at the school level.

Classroom Instruction, School Level Danish

Level: School Level
Ages: 6-17

The program is designed for children who wish to learn in a classroom with a teacher.

The level in this program approximates the level in the Danish school system. Students advance their level of skill in Danish and achieve competencies that enable them to return to the Danish school system. However, there will be certain gaps in grammar and written Danish.

The instruction is provided in the classroom, and all students start classes jointly. Subsequently, the students in the Classroom Instruction, School Level Danish program work on the printed assignments distributed by the teacher. The program emphasizes group work among students and practice in conversation and listening. Any homework will be arranged with the teacher.

Contact Details for Learning Center Dubai

If you have questions about or wish to become a part of Learning Center Dubai, you are welcome to be in touch with Maria in Dubai at maria@danskskolen.com or info@Danskskolen.com.