Danes Worldwide Learning Centers

Børn der lærer dansk på et learning center

What is a Learning Center?

A Learning Center is an opportunity for expat Danes to receive Danish class education with a local teacher. As part of the education, the students will use educational material provided by Danes Worldwide, developed specifically for Learning Centers. The educational material makes it possible for teachers to teach children at different grade levels together.

How is a Learning Center created?

Danes Worldwide is responsible for the creation and development of educational materials and correspondence with the local teacher.

Beside the educational material, the following is needed to create a Learning Center:

  • A minimum of five students, who participate in the education
  • A teacher, who is responsible for the education
  • An administrative person, who is responsible for student registrations etc. (this role could also be the teacher)
  • A physical room for the education

The mentioned tasks are taken care of by the persons responsible for the creation of the Learning Center.

The educational material

The educational material is developed specifically to educate children in Danish courses regarding the Danish language and literature – not to learn Danish.

The material is created for children in the age of 6-15 years with a somewhat age-appropriate Danish language ability – compared to students, who are in preschool and up to 8th grade in the Danish primary school.

Content and price

The educational material includes:

  • Eight task sets (september-april) with homework that lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours each week.
  • Access to all texts, movies etc. that is needed for the education.
  • Four Danes-movies, which is produced for the purpose of educating expat children in Danish culture, nature and history.
  • Personal UNI-login for both students and teachers with access to free reading books and grammar exercises.

The price is 3,500 DKK pr. student pr. school year + Danes Worldwide membership. Furthermore, it will be possible to buy a startup test and a yearly spelling- and reading test.

Further possibilities for education

Our other educational material (Danish for Beginners, Intermediate Danish and School Danish) can also be implemented in a Learning Center. The local teacher will act as an assistant teacher for the student, who will also have a teacher at the secretariat in Copenhagen.


If you are curious about Learning Centers and the feasibility of establishing a center in your area, please contact our head of teaching, Anja Kjær, on e-mail anja@danes.dk or at (45+) 7870 4628.