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Børn der lærer dansk på et learning center

What is a Learning Center?

A Danes Worldwide Learning Center is an opportunity for Danish children abroad to receive group lessons in Danish with a local teacher. During classes, the students use Danes Worldwide’s online courses.

How is a Learning Center created?

Danes Worldwide is responsible for the development and production of educational materials and any sparring with the local teacher.

In addition to educational materials, the following is needed to establish a Learning Center:

  • A minimum of 5 students
  • a teacher who can be responsible for teaching
  • an administrative person who can be responsible for e.g. registrations (can be the teacher)
  • suitable premises
  • Liable access to Wi-Fi and the option to show our Danes films on a big screen. In the films, our teachers present various aspects of Danish culture in a broad sense

The educational material

The educational materials have been developed specifically for teaching Danish children from abroad in Danish, i.e. to work with Danish language and literature. There is a focus on reading, writting, analysis and interpretation as well as oral communication.

The materials are aimed at children aged 6-17 with a level of Danish equivalent to students from 0-9. grade in the Danish primary school.


  • Every week for 40 weeks, new tasks open up.
    The tasks take approx. 1½ to 2½ hours to solve, depending on grade level and knowledge of Danish. However, the oldest students can expect a weekly time consumption of up to three hours in periods
  • Online access to all texts, films, etc., to be used in the teaching
  • Four annual Danes films, which are produced to teach foreign Danish children’s understanding of Danish culture, nature and history
    Personal UNI login for both students and teacher with access to free resources as well as reading and spelling tests

Supported by UVM

The development of the education materials is supported by the Ministry of Education. It follows the teaching plan for the subject Danish and meets the Common Objectives. There is an opportunity to finish with the official 9th ​​grade test at The Danish Summer School.


If you are curious about Learning Centers and the feasibility of establishing a center in your area, please contact our head of teaching, Anja Kjær, on e-mail anja@danes.dk or at (45+) 7870 4628.

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