Grade 9 Graduation Certificate, Danish Language

dreng med computer

For many students wishing to pursue university level studies in Denmark, the Grade 9 Certificate is a necessity. In turn, it is a prerequisite for expat students wanting to sit for the exam that they have attended the online School Level Danish course, Grade 9.

In addition, these students must attend Summer School during the school year in which they finish Grade 9. Here, they add on to the learning from the just-finished year and then take the certificate exam.

Given that our Grade 9 exam is in July and not in May when students in Denmark take it, the Ministry of Education provides a different exam for use by Danes Worldwide. The Ministry appoints an external examiner for the oral portion of it.

For many years, our students’ Grade 9 exam results have been better than the national average. We are of course quite proud of that achievement.

To sign up for the Grade 9 exam, you should register for Summer School as usual in our webshop. The Grade 9 exam is an option in the payment process.