The Returning-to-Denmark Track

This track is designed for students aged 14-17 who plan to settle or resettle in Denmark to attend an educational program or university.

Avoiding ”reverse culture shock”

Students in the Returning-to-Denmark track will be oriented as to the various types of educational programs and university or professional programs available in Denmark and will have the opportunity to meet academic advisors, program coordinators, or students currently attending post-Grade 9 programs. It is helpful for students in this track to meet other students who themselves grew up outside Denmark (Third Culture Kids).

That said, perhaps the most valuable aspect of the track is that students find out about potential challenges associated with moving to Denmark to fend for themselves.

Youth culture and the political system

During the 17 days of Summer School, students in this track will study such topics as …

  • The concept of Third Culture Kids – what is it?
  • Youth culture – what is the difference betwen Denmark and your current country of residence?
  • Gender and identity – what roles do they play in your daily life?
  • Educational culture – is it very different to attend a program in Denmark as opposed to one in your current country of residence?
  • Media in Denmark – should you be skeptical?
  • Demographics – is Denmark just a small country with blond inhabitants?
  • Democracy – is the Danish version the best in the world?
  • The political system – are all Danes social democrats when it comes down to it?
  • Cultural heritage – is that something like the Jelling stones and the Little Mermaid?
  • Great moments in history – is that when the Queen greets the people from the balcony of her castle?

In other words, in this track we work on getting students ready for life in Denmark.

Learning the Danish language

For parents concerned about their children’s skills in Danish, we wish to assure that although the track does not include language and grammar lessons, we make sure to help students improve their skills. In addition to participating in various activities every day, students share with their classmates the discoveries they have made, and we speak ONLY Danish.

The goal is to prepare the students for attending an educational program in Denmark. Here, work in pairs and groups is common, as is debate and exchange of views.

Attendance in the track requires that the student at a minimum masters Danish at the Advanced Basic Danish (or equivalent) level.

To register for the track, you should sign up for Summer School as usual in our webshop. The track is an option in the payment process.