The Fredensborg Residences

Fredensborghusene vej

Jørn Utzon housing for Danes returning to Denmark

Danes Worldwide established a private foundation, the Fredensborg Residences, to provide homes for Danes returning to Denmark following service abroad. The single family homes were designed by architect Jørn Utzon, famous for designing the Sydney Opera House.

The complex – as suggested by the name – is situated in stunning scenery near beautiful Fredensborg in the northern part of the island of Zealand. It contains 30 town houses, 47 L-shaped houses with a garden terrace, and a community center featuring a restaurant, party rooms, and nine guest rooms. The homes were conceived and underwritten by Jørgen Saxild of engineering firm Kampsax A/S and were ready for occupancy in 1963.

Conditions of lease

The Fredensborg Residences are leased on a long term basis with a preference for expats returning to Denmark.

Danes Worldwide manages the waiting list. To be considered for a lease, applicants must of course be members of Danes Worldwide. Returnees without children living at home are the primary target group.

Applicants must have lived and worked abroad for at least five years.

Residents must adhere to the foundation’s rules and must purchase at least 12 meal tickets from the restaurant each month.

The Fredensborg Residences are extremely attractive homes, and getting on the waiting list is essential. The current average wait time is +12 years for a house.

Five home models

Five home models are available in varying sizes and price ranges. Some have a garden terrace, a garage, or both. Some feature a covered veranda.

  • Model A: L-shaped house with garden terrace – 1220 Square Feet
  • Model B: L-shaped house with garden terrace and garage – 1198 Square Feet
  • Model C: L-shaped house with garden terrace – 1394 Square Feet
  • Model D: L-shaped house with garden terrace and garage – 1394 Square Feet
  • Model E: Town House with covered veranda – 790 Square Feet

View the overall site plan and the floor plans via the options in the menu on the left.

How do i sign up for the waiting list for the Fredensborg Residences?

You can sign up for the waiting list for the Fredensborg Residences in our webshop. Please notice that this is only possible for members of Danes Worldwide.


If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.