Repatriation – How to Ride the Waves of Reverse Culture Shock

Returning home can be just as challenging as moving abroad. This webinar will give you concrete tips for preparing an emotionally smooth transition home for you, your partner, and kids.

Join us for an introduction to the most common challenges experienced by returning internationals, intercultural couples, and families with licensed couple and family therapist Nanna Hauch from Expat Hero.

The webinar will provide you with inspiration and concrete tools on how to:

  • Prepare yourself and your family for the emotional aspects of moving home. 
  • Sustain a strong relationship in the process (avoiding the most common “couple mistakes”).
  • Ease the emotional turmoil of transition for your intercultural partner.
  • Debunking the myth that kids “just adapt” and actively prepare them for a smooth transition as well as educate the receiving daycare/school on appropriate and helpful ways to ease their transition.

The webinar is designed to inspire you and help you foster strong communication and empower you on your repat journey. 

The webinar is a condensed version of a longer repatriation program by Expat Hero. The programs supports returning internationals to avoid the most common pitfalls and challenges of repatriation and to mitigate repatriation-related stress and burnout. 

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Nanna Hauch, Expat Hero


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