Advisory services

Having access to advisers who speak Danish is reassuring for many.

Therefore, Danes Worldwide has assembled a team of experts with specialized knowledge and skills, who can offer advisory services before, during and after a stay abroad.


Juridisk rådgivning - Karoline Blyt

Advisory from Danish experts

It is comforting to receive advisory in Danish. That is why Danes Worldwide have collected a team of internal advisors and experts with special skills, who can advise and guide our members.

They have special knowledge of – and often personal experiences with – life as an expat Dane.

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Receive guidance before, during and after your stay

Our internal advisers and experts can help you and your family with the change of residence and when you return home again. They can guide you with the planning of your stay and with the stay itself.

Furthermore, they can also assist you, when your return to Denmark, where a reverse culture shock can be challenging for many.