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In the knowledge base, you will find answers to everything about family reunification and Danish citizenship

The legal knowledge base is the ultimate resource for global Danes to independently seek general answers to practical and legal challenges that come with living outside Denmark. All information in the knowledge base is developed and quality assured by the legal experts at Danes Worldwide specializing in the affairs of global Danes.

In legal advisory, we respond to nearly 1,500 inquiries about Danish citizenship annually. For many, the process of obtaining Danish citizenship is an important and necessary step in formalizing their ties to Denmark. It concerns both identity, rights, and obligations, which is why it’s so crucial to get it right.

Karoline Blyt, legal advisor and team leader

Danish citizenship – retention, dual citizenship, proof, and restoration

The process of obtaining or retaining Danish citizenship requires careful consideration and understanding of the legal requirements and consequences. With the legal knowledge base, you get assistance in navigating these complex processes and making well-informed decisions about your citizenship.

Should I apply for retention of Danish citizenship?

Children born abroad to Danish parents face very particular challenges. Retaining Danish citizenship for young individuals before they turn 22 is ultimately the topic most members need legal assistance with. Unfortunately, many also mistakenly believe that they are not subject to the so-called 22-year rule.

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How and where do I apply for retention of Danish citizenship?

For the application for retention of Danish citizenship, there are several requirements and conditions, and the parents’ status may make them eligible for automatic Danish citizenship at birth. It’s important for parents to understand how to secure their children’s citizenship, and unfortunately, it can be a lengthy and uncertain process.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship has become available after Denmark changed its legislation, making it possible from the Danish side to have dual citizenship or even three or more citizenships. For Danes living abroad, for example in the USA or Germany, this means they can obtain American citizenship without losing their Danish citizenship, and vice versa. This has opened up a world of advantages for global Danes, but it also brings certain complexities and perhaps even disadvantages for the individual.

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Can I regain my Danish citizenship?

For those seeking to regain their Danish citizenship after having lived abroad for many years, there is a lot of assistance available in the knowledge base. The application deadline has been extended quite extraordinarily, but there are still several conditions and requirements for the application – and often the complexity lies in the documentation itself, and there is especially one very important deadline for you, who are applying for reacquisition and are residing abroad.

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How do I become a Danish citizen as a foreigner?

If you are a foreigner wishing to obtain Danish citizenship, there are also special considerations. It may be possible to marry into Danish citizenship, but this usually requires a period of residence in Denmark and meeting other conditions.

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Family reunification – bringing your family to Denmark under the Danish rules, EU regulations, or the practices of 2022.

In the knowledge base, members can find answers to general questions about family reunification, making the process of bringing their family to Denmark more manageable. If you don’t find answers in the knowledge base, as a member, you can always directly contact the legal experts. You will find contact information at the bottom of this page and in the knowledge base.

Family reunification is one of the topics we have dealt with the most politically and in legal counseling. The rules are complicated, and there are relatively frequent changes both from the Danish and European side, which have significant implications for our members’ ability to bring their partners to Denmark.

Lisbeth Kjersgaard, legal advisor