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Folkepension for udlandsdanskere

Brief Summary of Tax Funded Pensions for Expat Danes

Previously, Danes could collect their tax funded pensions at age 65. To qualify for the full amount, they had to meet a requirement of residing in Denmark for 40 out of the 50 years from age 15 to age 65. In other words, they could live outside Denmark for 10 years and still collect the full amount. Those not meeting this requirement would receive a prorated amount according to the number of years of residency in Denmark.

The new legislation reduced to 5 the number of years one could live abroad during one’s 50 or so working years and still collect the full pension amount. It did not sufficiently accommodate several groups of expat Danes who have no opportunity to meet the new requirements, and it constitutes a significant degradation in the quality of life for many expat Danes because they now are or at some future time will be dependent on their pensions – for example, Danish researchers who earn low salaries or accompanying spouses (usually women) who are not permitted to work in the country of residence due to national laws. While not opposed to a rule stipulating that one must qualify for the pension, Danes Worldwide is opposed to a legislative change that does not accommodate the diversity of circumstances in which Danes are living outside Denmark.

Our proposed solution:

  • Danes Worldwide proposes that the qualification for receiving the full pension amount be reverted to 80% residency in Denmark during the 15-65 age range (from 90% in the new legislation).

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