Legal advisory

Do you need help and legal advisory?

Juridsk rådgivning til udlandsdanskere

Juridisk rådgivning - Karoline Blyt

Do you need legal advice and guidance?

At Danes Worldwide, we have a solid knowledge of what your rights are as an expatriate Dane. Our many years of experience in the field allows us to advise our members in most cases. A membership of Danes Worldwide includes up to 30 minutes of legal advice per year.

Danish citizenship

We can assist you with your questions regarding Danish citizenship, whether you are applying for naturalization, retention of citizenship or the like. We also offer case processing in this area.

Find answers to your questions about Danish citizenship in our Knowledge base

Family reunification

We offer counselling and, if needed, case processing during the process of family reunification in Denmark according to Danish and EU legislation.

Find answers to your questions about family unification in our Knowledge base

Visa and residence permit

We can help with questions about visa and residence permits, whether you plan a short-term or long-term stay in Denmark.

Moving abroad or back to Denmark

We can help with questions about registration with the national register when moving abroad or back to Denmark, questions about the Danish school system, and help with the challenges that can arise when moving abroad to a different culture or returning to Denmark after many years abroad.

Questions regarding tax and Danish tax rules

We can assist with tax issues when leaving Denmark, tax issues when returning to Denmark, and what you need to know while you live in Denmark, such as the 90/180-day rule which obligates full tax liability­ in Denmark.

Purchasing real estate

We can help you with different questions about purchasing real estate, whether it is a holiday home or a permanent residence.


We can help you with questions about your pension if you are leaving or returning to Denmark.

Rented accommodation in Denmark

We can help you with questions about your rights as a tenant or landlord, and how to find accommodation.

Other circumstances in Denmark

We can help you with different legal issues concerning Danish law.

Three different types of legal assistance

  • Legal advice (up to 30 minutes free of charge)
    In the vast majority of cases, our in-house legal advice team can provide a comprehensive answer within the scope of your membership.
  • Extended advice (additional cost)
    In the case of extended advice, it is possible to arrange a meeting. Meetings are generally held digitally.
  • Case processing (fixed prices)
    If you want actual case management, separate prices apply depending on the type of case management. In the case of extended case management, it is possible to arrange a meeting. Meetings are generally held digitally.

What does it cost?

Legal adviceMembersNon-members
30 minutes per yearFree
Extended legal assistance (possibility for meeting including preparation)DKK 1,800DKK 2,250
Extended legal assistance (assistance for case processing, meetings etc.)DKK 3,500DKK 4,375
Case processing service – Family reunificationMembersNon-members
SpouseDKK 8,500DKK 10,625
Third country national childDKK 4,500DKK 5,625
Extension of residence permit for my spouse/partnerDKK 4,000DKK 5,000
Minor child(ren) with Danish citizenshipDKK 6,000DKK 7,500
Case processing service – CitizenshipMembersNon-members
Proof of Danish citizenshipDKK 5,500DKK 6,875
Reacquisition of Danish citizenshipDKK 9,500DKK 11,875
Retention of Danish citizenshipDKK 7,000DKK 8,750

Please be aware that a case processing fee needs to be paid for some applications to the Danish authorities when submitting an application. The fee is paid separately to the authority.