Voting Rights

A Key Advocacy Area for Danes Worldwide

banegård er for nysgerrige rejsende

Parliamentary elections voting rights

Voting rights have long been a key advocacy area for Danes Worldwide. All the surveys we have conducted among members living outside Denmark show that not being able to vote in parliamentary elections is among their top political concerns.

Most other countries in the EU permit their citizens in other countries to participate in national elections. In a few countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg, participation in national elections is in fact mandatory. When Greece in 2019 changed its laws, only Denmark and Ireland were left as EU countries not permitting their citizens to vote in national elections.  However, Ireland, with 70 million citizens living outside its borders, is in a unique situation that cannot be compared to that of Denmark. For the last 10-15 years, the trend in the EU has been to enhance the opportunities for expats to take part in the democratic process.

Position of Danes Worldwide

We advocate that the next amendment of the constitution include an improvement of the ability of Danish citizens to vote in parliamentary elections. Such an amendment would bring Denmark into conformity with other Nordic/European countries.

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