The Confirmation Track

In the past, it was referred to as “attending the pastor’s seminars”. Today, we think of it as “preparation for confirmation” when students around the age of 14 receive instruction to get ready for their confirmation ceremony. At Summer School, we offer a special track of 75 lessons including classroom work and visits to churches across Denmark, plus attendance at church services to give students insight into the traditions and rituals of the Church of Denmark.

The lessons deal with the Christian tradition and faith and in addition cover topics such as ethics and moral values. Students will get to know key hymns and songs from the Danish Hymnal and other sources.


Students wishing to register for the track must speak Danish at the School Level and must have received a Christian baptism; those who were not baptized may participate in that sacrament during Summer School.

The confirmation track is dedicated to Summer School students living outside Denmark who do not have access to a Danish church.

Preparation and the Confirmation Ceremony

The instructional content is provided by two specialized teachers, and the confirmation ceremony is performed by a local pastor. Classes take place at the venue housing students aged 13-15.

Students in the confirmation track do not attend the Danish language lessons in which other students participate.

The (Danish-language) video shown below offers more details about the confirmation track.

To sign up for the confirmation track, register for the Summer School program as usual in the webshop and select the track during the purchase process.