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Corporate partnership at Danes Worldwide

Posting employees abroad brings many benefits for the enterprise and for the employees – when it is expertly planned. Otherwise, it may turn out to be an expensive and unpleasant experience for everyone.

Danes Worldwide offers expertise gained since the 1920s in supporting Danes posted abroad by their employers. We know that if family members do not thrive in the new country, neither will the employee.

Support for your employees posted abroad

We provide engaging and modern instruction in the Danish language and in the culture of Denmark. We offer online courses at three levels: Danish For Beginners, Basic Level Danish and School Level Danish. And don’t forget about our Summer School courses in Denmark.

Danes Worldwide’s representatives all over the world are ready to assist expat Danes in getting settled, organizing everyday life, arranging social activities, and maintaining the connections back home. 

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Members of Danes Worldwide benefit from the advice provided by our panel of experts. For example, the advisors provide guidance regarding tax matters, security in the areas to which members have been posted, and the well being of children moving abroad with their parents.

Danes Worldwide acts as the voice of a quater million expat Danes in communicating to politicians and decision makers in Denmark. For example, we advocate for dual citizenship, the right to vote in parliamentary elections in Denmark, and transparency in the process of family unification.



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