Corporate Partnerships: Frequently Asked Questions


How does a Corporate Partnership help our employees in preparing for a posting abroad?

Being posted abroad entails significant personal and practical challenges – no matter where the employees are being sent and for how long.

Our panel of experts is available to guide the employees and their families with respect to the questions and concerns they may have. The panel consists of an attorney, a psychologist, an insurance advisor, a cultural consultant, and other specialists.

How do you assist our employees during their stay abroad?

The members of our global network of volunteer representatives are knowledgeable about local conditions and local culture. They are able to assist your employees in navigating schools, hospitals, and the like. The representatives in addition organize social events from time to in order to give Danes in the area an opportunity to meet. 

Your members receive Danes Worldwide’s newsletter (in Danish), with interesting stories, news and relevant guides and information catered to the global dane.

How do you support the entire family during the stay abroad?

We offer online Danish language courses to employees’ children. The goal is to support and develop the children’s Danish language skills in order to facilitate continuation of schooling when the family returns to Denmark. Our collaboration with the Ministry of Education enables us to offer the Graduate Certificate at the end of grade 9. for the School Level Danish program.
A Corporate Partnership entitles employees to significantly discounted fees for their children’s attendance at Summer School – three weeks of intensive onsite instruction for expat children aged 10-17. At Summer School, our dedicated teachers provide instruction in the Danish language and the culture and history of Denmark. Many children come to regard Summer School as a valuable and durable social connection with other expat children.

Our panel of experts is always available to guide the employees and their families with respect to the questions and concerns they may have.

What offerings are of interest to members of Danes Worldwide living in Denmark?

A Corporate Partnership includes the opportunity for your employees to get on a waiting list for the sought-after Fredensborg residences north of Copenhagen. The independent institution was founded by Danes Worldwide for the purpose of providing housing for returnees. The residences were designed by architect Jørn Utzon, well known for his creation of the Sydney Opera House.

In addition, your employees may be interested in the social activities offered to members – for example, golf tournaments, lectures, and cultural events.

What discounts are offered to Corporate Member employees?

Members are entitled to significantly discounted rates for the online Danish language instruction programs and for Summer School. As an example, the member rate is DKK 2,000 lower per child per year for the online program and for Summer School. Additional discounts apply when several children in a family are enrolled.

Other discounts are available. For example, several hotels in Denmark offer member rates.

What is the organizational structure of Danes Wordwide?

Danes Worldwide is a non profit charitable association founded in 1919. One of our key offerings is our expertise in providing guidance to employees stationed outside Denmark by their employers. We advocate for the interests of Danes living abroad. In particular, we actively support causes in which corporate and industry entities cannot easily engage. These causes include dual citizenship, voting rights, and family unification.


If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.