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What does a membership include?

Danes Worldwide assists thousands of Danes living and working outside of Denmark. Members gain access to a network of other Danes who care about maintaining their roots, language, and culture. Our 100 representatives all over the world provide guidance regarding the local area to Danes Worldwide members.

Guidance from our legal advisor and our other experts

Guidance from our panel of experts which includes a legal advisor, an attorney, an accountant, an educational counselor, a security expert, and two consultants who assist organizations during the process of posting employees to other countries and during the process of managing the employees’ return.

Member discounts

Discounts on hotels, car rentals and much more.

Member discounts on Online Danish courses at three levels: Danish for Beginners, Basic Level Danish and School Level Danish.

The same goes for our onsite Summer School (focusing on Danish language and the culture of Denmark) for students aged 10-17 and a Family Summer School for younger children and their parents/grandparents.

Member magazine

The member magazine DANES is published four times per year, and it is sent to your adress.


Opportunity to apply for housing in Jørn Utzon’s Fredensborghuse complex and in several residential collectives for seniors.


We work to improve the lives of expat Danes through our advocacy activities regarding dual citizenship, voting rights, and family unification.

How much is it?

Here you can see the prices for our different kinds of memberships:

Kinds of membershipPrices
Family membership*695 DKK
2-year membership1,250 DKK
5-year membership2,950 DKK
Life-long membership 14,000 DKK
Youth membership (aged 18-30)200 DKK

*Family membership includes children living at home until they reach the age of 18.

Contact us

Want more information about our private membership? Please do not  hesitate to contact Pal Jauernik: